Sunday, 28 February 2016

Using the waste too.......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy on this last Sunday of February.....where has the month gone????

Today is my eldest son's birthday. Dan is the ripe old age of 26 today. I made this card for him. I didn't set out to make him this card, I was just playing with a die that i had recently bought. Spellbinders Gothic Strip. 

I thought that it was small enough (5 1/2 inches long) to use as a border around the card. By very slightly over lapping at the sides it fitted perfectly onto an 8 x 8 card. Then i was looking at the waste from the die, and wondering if I could make a pattern or a flower from them. I started placing them onto the card, firstly in the corners to fill that void and then in the middle.

To me it looks like a man's card....maybe look better in black or steel grey....??? Almost military ????

I cut a small square for the centre using Sue Wilson Noble die. Then i cut a Spellbinders banner in white and inked through in a soft brown ink. Then cut out the name in the same beige card stock.

 It just shows how even the waste can be useful. I always try and look at the waste before throwing away.... sometimes better than the actual die itself LOL !!

If any of you ladies out there are hoping to propose to their fellas tomorrow, then GOOD LUCK xxxx


  1. It's lovely Jan and such a good way to use the waste, it is surprising what you can achieve by looking at it carefully.
    Are you going to the K and S show at Olypmia? if so please come and say hello, I am on the Middlesex Federation of Women's Institutes stand.

    Enjoy your day.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Good morning Jan and a happy birthday to Daniel. Very clever use of die cutting. The shapes look heraldic and so suitable for a male card. Have a lovely day, best wishes Jackie x

  3. Perfect card for him.
    No I wont be proposing, been there done it and got the T shirt. xx

  4. Hi Janice
    Fantastic way to use this die. I love geometric patterns.
    Hope Dan had a great day and was appreciative of this brilliant card.
    Ang x