Thursday, 17 March 2016

Half Way Through, and Still Going Strong......!!!!

 Morning all, an update today about my cross stitch.......I'm now HALF WAY DONE Hooray !!!!!

I've tried to do a little bit each day, otherwise it's going to take years to complete LOL !!! It doesn't look straight across the top in the photo, but it is, I just need to tighten the tension again.

For those of you guessed a reindeer, when i had completed the first quarter, then well done, you are correct.

I think I'll do the top right bit next, which is the rest of the reindeer, as there doesn't seem to be a lot of stitching on that. Then i will have to prepare myself for the last quarter, which has a lot of colour changes in small areas, which is a nightmare.

Of course, I will still have the top stitching to do, but I will leave that until the very last, as that really completes the work.

Oh, and before I forget, "Happy St Patricks Day" for any Irish followers x

Have a good day, weekend approaching again. xx


  1. Hi Jan, Your reindeer is coming along nicely. I love doing the back stitching.

    Enjoy the day,
    Hazel c uk

  2. This looks gorgeous and will be amazing when complete, now this is one thing I do NOT have patience for, xx