Friday, 25 March 2016

Ideal Home Show......

Morning all, had a fab day at the show on Wednesday. Being at Olympia it was a big show, in fact, i think it's too big. There's so much to see and sample (food, wine etc) that you need at least 2 days to see everything !!. 

It's laid out in zones, with the show houses in the centre ..... didn't think much of the decor in any of the 3 show homes, in fact my friend and I found faults with them all !!! (not easily pleased you will probably be saying LOL !!).

The money that you could easily spend there is amazing.....we liked some shower/bath/home entertainment system pods......for only £3000.00 +, a lovely hot-tub, a great kitchen (daren't asked for the price) and a lodge for the garden complete with loungers, tv, cocktail bar etc etc..... Brought home lots of leaflets and almost gave my husband a heart attack, when he thumbed through them LOL !!!. Oh what it must be like to be mega rich.. never mind one day Rodney, we'll be millionaires LOL !!!!!

Have a great bank holiday weekend, shame the weather's not going to be up to much.....I'll just have to craft. x


  1. Janice, today Google hasn't asked me to sign in, so I will comment while the going is good. I have loved everyone of your makes over the last so many posts, you can turn your hand to so many things. Your little bag is gorgeous, and making the box to keep it in is a great idea! Yes these shows are not gear to the normal working family are they? I know going to a small one at Glasgow a few years ago, I about fainted with some of the costs! You have to be a millionaire to afford things. They have started building houses across from us ( was a field that either had sheep or crop in it for years) the first one up is ment to be a large 3 bedroomed one! Well the master bedroom is 10ftx10ft no room for much more than a double bed and a couple of chests of drawers. The ensuite is that small the shower is only 800x800cms that's the width. I bet the show homes you looked at, that would have been a cupboard, the bedroom would have been the walk in wardrobe!!! I will stick with our little cottage at least we can swing the cat in it! Look forward to seeing more of your fantastic makes. Hazel X
    P.S. Love where the dog lies, don't you just love them??

  2. Haven't been to this show for years. The thing I remember most when I was little and my mum and I went was all the food samples and going home with a bag of little tiny Hovis loaves. Then I went a good few years later and very few samples and no Hovis loaves. As you say it is a bit unrealistic and not even that aspirational for most ordinary folk. Have a good weekend. Jackie x