Friday, 8 April 2016

For My Son, Who looks very similar to the image........

Morning all. Today is my youngest son's birthday. He is 24 years old, but will always be my baby.... LOL!!!

He has been body building for nearly 2 years now, and last year qualified as a "Powerwave" instructor..........It's alright if you don't know what a powerwave is, i never did until he brought the equipment home. If you look at the bottom photo, it shows a sort of bag with handles attached. They are very heavy, and you exercise with them to increase your strength and shape. I've had a go at the smallest bag, and just about survived the session LOL !!!

Anyhow he is not far off looking like this image (which i found on google images.....amazing what you can find to look at !!!!!). I printed it off and chopped off the head, and transplanted my son's head.

 He is a great son, and has a good sense of humour, so hopefully he will see the funny side of this card.
A "powerwave" bag.

My eldest son will be down today to spend the weekend with us, to celebrate his birthday.

Just a quick note about Excel... not as much as previous years. Only card stalls there were selling Tonic or tattered lace dies (funny that when Hochanda is doing ally pally!!!!). There were a variety of other stalls selling wool, material, beads, glitters, Debbie Moore book folding & cds, sweets?, and also some parchment tools and Clarity groovi plates...(not many).
Still had an enjoyable day out. This is what I bought, about £38. 

Have a good weekend all of you, whatever you are doing. xx


  1. Good morning Jan great card! Sure he'll enjoy it. Seems a bit crazy to have two shows overlapping like this but glad you enjoyed it. The wool looks interesting - owls? squirrels? foxes? Have a good weekend best wishes Jackie x

  2. Hi Jan,

    Fabulous card I am sure your son will see the funny side lol!
    Not surprised about Excell, Ally Pally seems the place to be this weekend lol! Shame. I think, as much as I like Tattered Lace, they are over doing their promotions, they are everywhere, nearly every show on C&C is something to do with them and it becomes boring, you need and want variety not the same thing all the time, there my rant over if you can call it a rant lol!
    Have a great weekend

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie j xxx

  3. Hi Janice
    The NEC was disappointing last month and sadly I'm working on Sunday so can't join the Creative Expressions Team this time at AP.
    Fun card. You do realise you're going to get some dodgy spam after Googling such images lol!
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x