Sunday, 10 April 2016

Not a Good Weekend.....

Morning all, hope you are all well & happy. Hope those of you who went to ally pally, had a great time.....let me know what you thought of it and more importantly.....what you bought LOL !!!!!

My eldest son arrived Friday night as planned. We all went to bed all ok, but during the night Gary, the birthday boy, was sick several times. 

We think it's a touch of food poisoning, because Thursday night he was on lates, but when he came home he didn't want his dinner that I had left in the fridge, so he decided to heat it up on Friday. We now think he hadn't heated it enough to kill any bacteria, hence the sickness.

Spent Saturday in bed, not eating & feeling rough. 

So he had to cancel his challenge that he was due to do with his brother, and we had to cancel going out for a meal too.

My eldest is going back home today. We'll just have to do a going out together family meal next time he comes home.

Haven't done any crafting, apart from a little more cross stitch. Coming along nicely now....not long before I've completed 3 quarters.... 

Have a got a few knitting projects lined up that I'm itching to start, as well as a 5d diamond picture, and of course some card making.

Have a great day. Enjoy your Sunday x


  1. Hi Janice, sorry your son was not well and you had to cancel your meal still it is something to look forward to later on.
    Well I went to AP and had a good time and was quite in awe of all the stalls, the naming of stalls was not very good compared to the K & S show they hold there, but when you compare the price of tickets you can understand why.
    I did buy some nice things thou:
    4 pads from the £1.00 stall 2had baby patterns on which I needed.
    1 pack of 40 6x6" white cards and envelopes, 4 packs of colored card, glitter dust, 1 quickie glue pencil, 1roll of tape, 2 bottles of collal glue (special offer if you brought 2)1 decoupage sheet of babies, 1 sparkling gems, 1 stamp depicting a boy on a skateboard, handbag die and a filigree Christmas tree both by Sweet Dixie, night sky border by memory box the dies and stamp were all half price. I spent roughly £50 which included ticket and money towards petrol. A really nice day out with friends also if you signed up for a newsletter you got to choose a free magazine my choice was papercraft with the little owl die and Hochanda were giving away gifts and mine was a set of Christmas verses stamp.

    All in all a good day, just need some extra time to play with my new toys.
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Hi Jan,

    So sorry to hear your son was not well, I hope he is better today. At least you can look forward to a family meal next time. Have a great day

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. So sorry to read your message Jan. Do hope Gary is feeling better now. Shame they had to miss their run and the birthday celebration dinner but lesson learned! Bye for now Jackie xx