Saturday, 7 May 2016

"Men" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afternoon all, hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather today.
Got to my sons flat by 3pm Thursday afternoon. Had a coffee and started a bit of crocheting whilst I was waiting for him to come home from work. He had bought me flowers, and took me out for a meal in the evening, which was lovely.
Slept on his old sofa, which was comfortable enough, but was warm during the night. He had to get up at 6 the next morning for work I had to too !!!
Sofa delivered yesterday morning, so I was able to be back home just after 1pm yesterday. Whilst I was at my sons, I cleaned the kitchen and did his ironing for him...... Well I can't stop being a mum!!!!

Lovely journey there and back, weather was warm, but for some reason it always seems to make people drive better!! Don't know why. I took a cd "war of the worlds" , managed to listen to it all in the 2 hour journey there. Listened to the radio coming back.

When I got home, my hubby had just finished his lunch........butter left out ....... Crumbs everywhere etc etc. I asked him what he'd had for dinner the night before.....answer was a fry up ( could have predicted that lol!!). Needless to say I had to clean cooker before I did the evening meal last night.

Pile of washing today to do, which hopefully will all be dry by tonight then I can iron it all. In the end I only did a little bit of crocheting, despite taking a big bag full of crafting  things.......oh we'll never mind.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. X

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