Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Some Of My Birthday Cards.....

Morning all, thanks for all your lovely birthday wishes for yesterday. I had a lovely day and I was taken out for a meal in the evening by my hubby & son. My son also bought me flowers and a birthday cake, plus he drove to the restaurant, so I was able to have an alcoholic drink for a change (as I normally always drive).

Here is a small sample of some of my birthday cards that i received from my fellow crafters.....more to show in the next few days.

They are all lovely.....I'm really lucky to have such nice friends.

 A classic monochrome look with an art deco style lady. .... stitched by Linda.
 Iris has carefully cut out this flower fabric and layered onto circles.....and she always says she can't make cards !!!!!
 My love of owls inspired Grace to stitch this card for me.....beautifully made flowers in the corner as well.
and finally for today, a groovi plate card done by Sue....the photo doesn't do it my favourite colours too!! 

Thank- you ladies xx


  1. Glad you had a nice day and got taken out. Love the cards especially the OWL one. You have some very talented friends.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Adorable cards Jan, the pansy one is my fave but so hard to choose, xxx

  3. Sorry I missed your birthday Jan but sounds as though you had a lovely day. The art deco hat is a pattern I have and often used. Best wishes Jackie x

  4. Hi Janice
    What a fantastic array of cards. Your talented friends should have blogs!
    You will have a fab display on your mantelpiece.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x