Wednesday, 6 July 2016

2nd Tissue Box Cover......

 Morning all, mid way through the first week of July. Doesn't time fly ????

My hubby is probably the same as all your husbands/partners as in he doesn't really listen to me, but answers "yes, nice" to most of my questions.

I was in my craft room the last week, making tissue box covers for the craft fair, when he poked his head through the door. I said to him what do you think of these tissue box covers.....his reply was "yes, nice". The photo above was what he was actually looking at, as he couldn't see the others all ready made !!!!! When i said "this one's not finished yet" he tried to worm his way out by saying "yes, but you've made the cover well" Men LOL !!!!

This is the one finshed. I used Burgundy & cream cardstock, with a cream and red patterned paper for inside each panel. Sue Wilson die....but can't remember what it's called.

 Delicate aster used for the flowers on top and on the panels, with some flat-backed pearl gems.


  1. Hi Janice
    Another elegant looking box. I think its the Auvergne die from the French collection.
    Oh, I think we've all got a fella like that chuck. What gets me is when Mr D says " um, yeah, really good" and I can see he's not even looking at what I'm showing him lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x