Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Bit Of A Tangle !!!!!

Morning all, hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday weekend so far.....

As my eldest son was home for the weekend, I decided to sort out some wool to do some knitting downstairs as I couldn't get into the craft room.

I have 2 large ottomans full of wool......and you know what it's rummage through looking for a particular colour wool, and after time you end up with a tangled mess !!!!

So I bagged up the "tangle" and took it downstairs to de-tangle during Friday evening. My husband was watching me for a while, when he suddenly started helping ........ the two of us took the whole evening to sort out into balls again.
I've now put them into sandwich hopefully, wont get tangled again !!

Yesterday's craft fair started off really well, I had sold quite a few things in the first 1hr, which more than covered the cost of the table.....then sold a few more bits in the next 2 hrs........but the last hour nothing!! No-one seemed to be coming in, despite the organisers going up and down the high street handing out fliers.

So I still happy to have made a profit !!  On the plus side, there were two ladies selling cupcakes £1.50 each or 2 for £2.00, well come the end of the fair, when we all started packing up they reduced them to 6 for £ bought 6 home for the boys, hubby & me ......oh well there goes some of the profits LOL !!!

Doing another craft fair next Saturday in a new hopefully will make some money.

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend, and thanks for stopping by xxx


  1. Hi Janice,

    So pleased you had a good day and no doubt enjoyed the cupcakes, £1.50 sounds quite expensive to me for a cake.
    I had a go at making your little "light"snowman yesterday, was happy with the result, I use Collall glue to stick the bits on, what glue did you use please? I also put Google eyes on, only because I had them. Will wait now to see what my daughter thinks and if she will get the brownies to make them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and glad you got to untangle the wool, I really like jobs like that.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Well done on the stall.
    I quite enjoy untangling wool, find it quite theraputic. xxx

  3. Hi Jan, sorry I've been missing, just a bit difficult to get to things in this world I'm living in at the moment whilst the extension work continues but no workmen here for the weekend apart from the scaffolders yesterday taking it all down so I have time to do a few things. Next week the windows and doors go in and then they break through! Dust everywhere again no doubt but things are progressing. Love all the things you have been making especially the star tea light holders and the stationery set. Glad you had a good day yesterday, so discouraging when no-one is there to see all your hard work. Best wishes Jackie xx