Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Do People Still Write Letters??????

 Morning all, I'm asking the question "do people still write letters?". I must admit that I rarely write a letter now, i prefer to email or text. Although it is really nice to receive a hand written letter.
 I decided to make another stationery box. I made some a while back and sold them at my first craft fair this year, but I just hadn't got around to making more. I was at home yesterday waiting for Forensic to come around.........

That sound's drastic doesn't it?. My son's wings mirrors were vandalised during Monday night, Tuesday morning and I found the backing plastic for some pliers right by the car. So I phoned 101 to report the crime and to get a crime number for his insurance co. They were going to come over and take fingerprints.....but they didn't hold out much hope for catching anyone. Just an inconvenience for us............. while I was sitting at home, I thought I would make another one!!!

My intention was to make it Christmassy with thank-you notes inside (must do that soon !!), but when I saw this sweet paper I decided to choose this instead.
 As you can see I have made matching tags......
 ....stamp holder and notebook & pen.
The stationey set when opened out.

Took me the morning to make....but pleased with the results.

Pop by tomorrow for the "Movingalongwiththetimes" challenge.

Bye for now. xx


  1. Thank you for answering my question yesterday. Your stationery box is lovely so pretty and will appeal to all ages. I think a lot of people still write letters especially the older generation who are not into modern technology and I know there is still quite a lot out there. Hope the forensic people came and they catch the thief.
    Enjoy the day.
    Hazel c uk

  2. I think letter writing is a dying art, this is gorgeous though Jan, xxx

  3. Hi Janice
    This is a truly lovely set. I too tend to email or text, mainly for speed if you just want a chat, especially with friends and family abroad, but I do like to write "letters" in cards.
    I guess with postage charges too, it does put
    some folk off but your set is great.
    Hope you catch the car vandal.
    Ang x