Friday, 9 September 2016

It's The End Of An Era Today......... (HE THINKS LOL !!!!)

 Morning all, well today is the day !!!!, not only is it a Friday again, but my hubby is having his 65th Birthday.....and retirement today. I hesitate when I say retirement, as I have not really agreed to having him home everyday with me Lol !!

Luckily, he is a keen I can pack him off for the day on a regular basis........and of course, he will need to become the main dog walker now !!!

Only joking !!! Love him to bits and actually like to have him around, lot's of lists being done ready for all the jobs he has been putting off until he retires.....he wont know what's hit him.
 I thought I would make him this bee show the busy bees going off to work and the one bee staying behind. The bee is a die from "Elizabeth Crafts". The papers and toppers were from a magazine (can't remember which one).

Today, I'm taking him to the "Weald of Kent" country show.....only had to buy one adult ticket as he is a senior now LOL !!!! I'm going to have lots of fun telling him how old he is ...... 

I'm doing another craft fair fact I'm doing craft fairs every weekend in September !!!

Enjoy your weekend. x


  1. Super card. Happy birthday and retirement to your husband Jan hope it is a long and healthy one. My SIL is a keen fisherman in fact he is at a festival this week, makes life a lot easier for my daughter for he goes of every Sunday so we spend the day together if she is not working. Good luck with the fayre tomorrow it's our hospice one and the WI have a stall there.
    Enjoy the show,
    Hazel c uk

  2. Fab card Jan and Happy Birthday and Retirement to Chas too, xxx

  3. Great card Jan and my best wishes to Chas for his retirement. He does know that he won't have time to go fishing doesn't he!! Good luck with your fayre this weekend. Best wishes Jackie

  4. Hi Janice
    Brilliant card for Chas. Best wishes to him for his birthday and retirement.
    Be careful as they remember the fun poking when it comes to your big birthdays lol!........not that you look anywhere near 65!
    Ang x