Wednesday, 28 September 2016


 Morning all, sorry I've not had a blog for the last couple of days. Two reasons:- 1, I've been decorating & 2, I've not been feeling too good....(maybe overdone the decorating LOL !!)

Anyway, I'm back today !!!

I've decided to stop making Halloween stuff for now, as I haven't got another craft fair until the end of October and don't want to have too much stock left over. 

So I decided to concentrate on Christmas. Here is Mr.Frosty (Mrs. Frosty on her way soon !!). It's from a pattern booklet by Jean Greenhowe. I've had the pattern over 20 years, since my boys were young. 
 He is about 8 inches high, and I've used a DK sparkly white wool to knit him.
Side view of his nose (not quite a carrot shape !!)

Following my craft fair last Sunday.....I have to report back that it was the worst one (as in money taken) that I've done. It was a lovely hall in a village, and was well advertised.....but not many people and not many buyers!!! Most of the stallholders managed to make the table costs and a little extra. My friend and I only took enough to cover the table cost and there were a couple of stallholders that didn't even make that !!

It's very dis-heartening, especially when your whole day is taken up with the event, and it's very tiring too (perhaps that added to me not feeling too good).

I'm hoping for better things when I do the other craft fairs in Nov & Dec. A lady, that my friend knows said a very wise thing about craft fairs......she said "people don't go to a craft fair looking for any specific thing.....but when they see something they like they buy it".....I'm hoping the people who come to the next craft fair like ""everything""".

See you again soon. x


  1. So sorry to hear the fayre didn't go well and that you have not been too bright. Now the decorating is done perhaps you will perk up a bit. Your snowman is great, surely someone will fall in love with him when he is on display! best wishes Jackie xx

  2. I,m sure they will love this Jan, you have such patience to make these, xxxx

  3. Hi Jan,
    oh he is so gorgeous I love him.
    You are very clever as these are not easy to make.
    So sorry to hear you have not bee nwell.
    Oh isn't it awful when people don't appreciate the time and energy put into making things besides the time and money spent paying for your stall.
    Lots of ccrafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Hi Jan,

    Mr Frosty is gorgeous. Sorry the craft fair was no good, I know what they are like, that was like one of the last ones I did, just got enough to pay for the table. very disheartening. Good luck with your next one.

    Love &hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Hi Janice
    Well hello Mr Frosty and what a fine fellow you look.
    Sorry, you've not been well Jan. Hope you've perked up a bit now.
    Have you tried doing a car boot? I know it doesn't sound as great as a craft fair but you tend to get lots of people there and when I used to have a jewellery stall on one, it always did very well, not just because, I like to think my stuff was nice, but because of the volume of people that tend to visit them.
    They always like to see something different too.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x