Sunday, 11 September 2016

Second Candle - and results !!!!

Morning all, well here we are Sunday again.......

Here is the second candle that I've made. Exactly the same process as yesterday, but this time i have used a Woodware stamp. This butterfly is quite large, and wraps around the candle lovely.
Yesterday was better than the week before.....but only just !! It was held as a "pamper & shop" event, and to be honest, there were not many stalls for people to buy from, and most people were only interested in the pamper sessions. 

Enjoy, whats left of the weekend. Tomorrow my friend and I are off to Buckingham i'm not being made into a "Dame" or have an "OBE", just going to have a nosy around Liz's place......get some ideas for "Him indoors"...... must keep him occupied.

Have a lovely day. x


  1. Hi Jan hope you are enjoying your day out and the queues are not too large so you can actually stop and stare fir a while without being ushered on. Shame the fayre wasn't as successful as you hoped often it is the advertising - or lack of it- that makes a difference. Best wishes Jackie x

  2. I like the candle, have not tried that method. Sorry about your fayre, ours at the hospice was okay but the weather was not good and we were outside, but had lots of laughs and enjoyed our day.
    Enjoy your trip to BP and the exhibition. I am going later to see it at Windsor castle.
    Hazel c uk

  3. Your candle looks lovely Jan, enjoy your visit to Liz's, xxx

  4. Hi Jan,
    what a wonderful designed candle.
    Of course you know how much I love Butterflies so it's bound to be winner in my book, and what a super stamp to own.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Hi Janice
    Wow, this is lovely. What a great stamp.
    Hope you enjoyed you visit with Liz & Phil the Greek.
    Ang x