Saturday, 22 October 2016

Crafting with Biscuits and Cakes......

 Morning all, today is my good friend Jenny's birthday.

Jenny is the friend that I meet up with each week at her house to craft with 2 other friends.

When I saw this topper I knew it would be perfect for her !!!


  1. Wonderful Jan, I,m sure she will love it, xxxx

  2. Hi Jan,
    Sorry I've been missing for a while, took mum away for a week down to Hythe then it's ben all systems go as the builders are nearing the end of their work ftb. Had some carpets laid and next Wednesday the kitchen flooring will be done so the plinths can then be put on the units and then it is just the blinds to be done once they are ready. So I have been moving boxes and furniture from one end to the other so those rooms can be decorated and carpeted. But I have rather overdone it thinking I'm still able to do what I could do 20 years ago!! So I'm creeping about at the moment full of aches and pains. Hope your fayre goes well today you have certainly been busy looking at your recent posts, Best wishes Jackie xx

  3. Hi Janice
    Ooh, yummy card, literally lol!
    I'm sure Jenny will love I spy Custard Creams, my favourite!
    Ang x

  4. Beautiful card and do apt for your get togethers. Hope Jenny had a nice birthday and you did well at the craft fair.
    Janice, I have been trying to make done of the little snowmen but having great difficulty getting the pipe cleaner and bobbles to stick, I have used collall and it just will not stick, what type if glue dud you use ? I am making them for my daughters guides fair.
    Hazel c uk

    1. hi Hazel, I used the red supersticky tape plus cosmic shimmer get it to grab before it dried. x