Sunday, 23 October 2016

Lazy Sunday........

Morning all, nothing new to show you today, just an update on yesterday......

Mixed day, starting off really well, then trickling to nothing.......

......luckily I made a profit, but my friend, whom I share the table & costs with, ended up making a loss. Luckily we have more to hopefully we will both do better.

Really don't know if it's worth all the time and effort, when people don't turn up or buy. Have had lots of encouraging words from everyone....people at the events say all the right things about my wares, take my business card........and that's the last I see or hear from them!!!

I don't charge a lot for my bits....if I charged for the time that it takes to make these things I would be a millionaire !!!!!

Oh good being down about it......there's always the next fair to look forward to. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.xx


  1. Sorry your day was not more successful but at least you made some profit. I don't think the £shops have done us any favors when it comes to making things for sell at bazaars, it's good for buying bits I agree.
    Thanks for answering my question I am going to try it that way today.
    Enjoy your "lazy" day.

    Ps I made a few crochet cupcake pin cushions last week fir my daughter.

  2. Hi, just done a couple with the tape and glue so much easier, thank you so much.
    Enjoy your day, with maybe breakfast in bed.
    Hazel c uk

  3. I know the feeling Jan, I am busy making loads for this fayre in November and I know I will probably bring most of it back, xxxx