Saturday, 8 October 2016

Merry Christmas !!!!!......

 Morning all, yes, I know I'm a little early in wishes you a  "Merry Christmas".....but it will soon be here.....and will we be ready???? Probably not LOL !!!

I stitched this recently, and decided to make it into a card asap....otherwise it would just sit in a pile of other "stuff" that I need to do something with.

The stitching says it all, so no need to go O.T.T. with the rest of the card (for a change !!)
A little embellishment and simple backing paper and all done !!
As to Ally Pally yesterday.....I'm afraid I didn't go in the end....just didn't feel well enough to spend the day out.The achy flu has subsided a bit, but my head justs feels like it's in a paper bag....all muffly (if that's a word!) Also I didn't want to spread it to everyone else on the coach or at the venue. So although I'm disappointed that I didn't go, at least I didn't spend any money LOL !!

Have a good weekend, whatever you do and keep warm and germ free !! x


  1. Love it Jan, I would love to be able to stitch like you, xxx

  2. The card turned out lovely Jan, sorry you are not feeling well, hope you soon feel better. Try having a weekend off perhaps your son will cook dinner for you xx