Sunday, 13 November 2016

Christmas Mittens......

Morning all , a quick blog today..... here are some Christmas mittens tree decorations that I've done. They are only 3 inches long and were quick and simple to knit. The pattern was swiss darned after knitting.

As to the craft fair yesterday...... well Saturday morning here in Kent was a wash-out !! rain, rain & more that I thought will put people off. Went to the venue, which was a working man's club, found the organiser who showed us to the back room (snooker room) away from all the other stall holders !!!! Oh no I thought, this will be a disaster !!!  My friend and I had the snooker table to lay-out all our goodies, so plenty of room, but no other stall holders there in with us. They put a sign on the door-way saying other tables this way, but I didn't hold out much hope of a successful day. Also there were wasps that kept appearing above our heads....the landlord of the social club told us they had had a nest in the roof space (above our heads) and had the pest control round and sprayed the nest to disperse the wasps. Unfortunately no-one told the wasps that they were meant to be dispersed, and we had to kill quite a few who were nose-diving our display. 

So we were all ready for the fair to start, and little by little people began to appear - some were scared off by the wasps.. but we had a steady stream of people all day !! The organisers were true to their word and kept sending people through to us, even the other stall holders were doing the same..........

........ and I have to was the most profitable day I've had all year - HIP, HIP, HOORAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend and I both did really well, and one of the stall holders came in to tell us about another craft fair next month at a local school (and would we like a table ).... so a good result all round at last !!!

This has really lifted my spirits after such dismal results previously.

Have a good Sunday, thanks for popping by and listening to me drone on and on (wasp pun!!) and I'll see you again very soon. x


  1. Love the little mittens.

    Yes it was a damp day here near heathrow but glad you had a profitable day.
    The fair I had a stall at was brilliant lots of people came although we were not on a busy road. I did very well and sold 28 items with an order for another patchwork bag and made a very good profit. I will not be doing anymore thou for I usually work in the charity shop on Saturdays and don't like taking to many days if. My granddaughter did the refreshment stall and did very well she had made all the cakes and cookies herself. My daughter also nearly sold out. Good day all round for us all, I am so pleased for you Janice for your things are so nice.
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Really pleased you both did so well, the wasps must have been good luck charm, perhaps you had better design a knitting pattern for one LOL!! Seriously really pleased for you. Love the mittens by the way. xx

  3. Hi Janice
    Apologies for being missing.
    Once again you have been busy with some wonderful creations and I'm so glad the craft fair worked out well for you and your friend.
    Don't think I'd like being in a room wit wasps though lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  4. So glad you had a positive result Jan