Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Father Christmas Tree Decoration.....

 Morning all, a bit late with the blog today, sorry. 
Picked up my son yesterday, from Heathrow Airport, so he is safely back at home with his mummy.....where he belongs LOL !!

When I picked him up, I knew he would be hungry (well he's a 24 year old boy....they are always hungry !!), so I did him a packed lunch that he could eat in the car in his way home......don't know if it was me or the packed lunch that he was pleased to see first LOL !! I also cooked him a roast dinner yesterday... what a good mummy I am. 

Anyway, decided to start the mountain of washing today, rather than yesterday afternoon, so managed to do a little bit of crafting. So I knitted this father Christmas tree decoration. The pattern shows him without eyes, like I've done, but I think he needs eyes.....what do you think??

Photographed him against a black & a white background to see what looks best.

Thanks for popping by x


  1. Glad your son is safely with you.

    I think FC needs eyes.


  2. Hi Jan glad everything happy in your world! Yesterday wouldn't have been a good day for washing here as so misty and murky but today is bright and sunny albeit a bit nippy. I think some little eyes would look good on your decoration. Best wishes Jackie x