Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Adjustments Have Been Made......

Morning all, a quick blog today, as I'm off Christmas shopping with my eldest son, whilst he is home.

I made this cushion for my friend and her partner for Christmas a little while ago. Whilst I was pleased with the result, I wasn't entirely happy with the lights or centre part. So I decided to cut some circles of felt and stitch them onto the cushion.

I had sewn the circles on, when "Him Indoors" pipes up....."you need the volkswagon logo on there" he says......

So I went onto google images and printed off a copy of the logo, which I used as a template to cut some white felt.

I must admit, it does look better than before.......but don't tell him that, I couldn't put up with the smug look on his face LOL !!!

As to the craft fair yesterday.....

It was held in a local primary school. I had done that one last year in the afternoon, when all the children could come in before breaking up for the day. This time it was in the evening for the parents to buy bits. It was very successful. I've got my last fair on Friday in another school. The afternoon the children will be allowed to come in and then after school for the parents. I will reduce things as the afternoon goes by, in an effort to sell everything. X


  1. Hi Jan,
    he was right that does make itlook better.
    You have done a wonderful job of the changes.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Jan, this is awesome. Sadly your DH was does look amazing now. Cx

  3. Hi Janice
    Love this.A friend of mine adores VW vans and would love this too.
    Brilliant make.
    Ang x