Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Gingerbread Man.....

 Morning all, today is my wedding anniversary, and I will be going out to lunch with "him indoors" this lunchtime. Can't go out I'm doing another craft fair !!! 

Did well yesterday in a short space of time (2hrs). It's a monthly market in a community centre. I started doing it a few months ago, and generally haven't sold much, so was pleased yesterday.

Made this little gingerbread man on Sunday, but due to my son being home, and I couldn't go into his room, after tidying up, I had to leave the white ric-rac ribbon off his arms and legs (also couldn't find it - must have tidied it up somewhere LOL )

I knitted him on 4 needles....first time I'd done knitting like this....can't say I'm a huge fan of this knitting, but at least there was no sewing up to do afterwards. The body, arms and legs were knitting in one piece, then you had to pick up stitches around the neck for the head.

Will report back tomorrow on tonight's craft fair.


  1. Hi Jan,
    he is gorgeous and so cute.
    watch he doesn't run away.
    Congrats on your Wedding Anniversary.
    Snap as it's my 33rd wedding anniversary on the 10th.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Hi Janice
    Hope you had a lovely anniversary.
    What a cute little fella. I'd have trouble knitting with 2 needles never mind 4 lol!
    Ang x