Saturday, 31 December 2016

The End Of 2016........

Morning all, hope you had a great Christmas, and are looking forward to 2017.

I've been really ill since 10th December, when I went to London to see Aladdin the musical. The show was fantastic......but the crowds in London on a Saturday afternoon/evening was terrible. There were so many people trying to get into Leicester Square tube station, that we gave up and started walking to Victoria....until we reached another station and it was easier to get into.

I had a cough, which on Sunday developed into flu-like symptons of aching all over and feeling cold. I had to drive my son back to Oxford that day and I was really glad to get back and go to bed. The next 10 days I felt dreadful. The cough was the main thing....couldn't eat or sleep and my head was pounding each time I coughed. Husband took over the cooking, cleaning and became my nurse for those days....I just couldn't do energy. I'm glad to say that after that time, I began to feel slightly better and was able to do the last food shop before Christmas. I've still got the cough and some days it feels like its getting worse, but hopefully I will be back to normal soon.

Being ill, I haven't felt like doing any crafting and haven't visited anyone's blog - so sorry everybody.

A summary of the craft fairs. 

I added up all the expenses (table fees, ins and materials - but not my labour time) and took that figure away from the total money made on the days......and glad to say it was a profitable year !!!! Didn't make loads of money - but it has made me determined to do some more next year.  I wont do the summer fetes as these didn't go well, but from September onwards will be worth doing.

I added up all the days that I was able to do a blog and it works out at 274 days out of 366 - so not years resolution is to do more crafting and therefore more blogs!!!

Finally I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!

Thanks for all your support over this past year. 

Hope you all have a healthy and happy 2017. xxxxx


  1. Hi Jan it really is good to see you back and sorry you have been so ill, I know several friends who have had this nasty cough virus.
    Your blog is an inspiration to me and so glad you are going to keep going.
    Good results fir the fairs also your blogging.
    Enjoy the weekend and best wishes to you and yours fir 2017.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Glad you are feeling abit better Jan. I have come back from Benidorm with a cough and hope it does not develop into anything worse like you and so many people have had. Happy New Year to you and yours, xxxx

  3. Glad you are feeling a bit better now Jan, it has taken an absolute age. I bet Chas is glad you are doing things now, they don't make the best nurses do they. Hope to see you on Tuesday. Happy New Year to you Chas and rest of your family xxx

  4. Hi Janice
    My goodness, you have been through it. Was getting a little concerned as you had been missing. I think this has been doing the rounds as I've been avoiding a couple of folk I know who have had it too.
    Wishing you health and happiness for 2017.
    Ang x