Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A 30th Birthday.....he's a star (or so his mum says LOL !!).............

 Morning all, a card today. My friend's son is 30 today. When I was talking to her about it, she mentioned that he wasn't happy reaching 30 (he thought he sounded old !!). So I thought I would draw attention to it by making it the centre piece of the card. Sue Wilson dies and treat shape. Lovely dies these ones are. I can see me using this die for a lot of nice when you see the potential of a die.

 When I cut the background die out, I had loads of small stars as "scrap". I kept these and added them inside the treat shape. Perfect as the card I had used was double sided !!.
 Not sure if you can see this clearly, but this is the side view. Luckily for me I don't have to post this card. 

Enjoy the rest of your week. x

Monday, 24 July 2017

Elf Gonk......

 Morning all, another week started and soon it will be the end of July....School children all broken up from school.....and if you're a parent or grandparent looking after the "angels" I hope you're not pulling your hair out already from listening to them say "I'M BORED!!!". I can remember being like that, until it was nearly time to go back to school, when suddenly I could think of lots of things to do, and wished the summer hols were just starting again LOL - were you the same??

Anyway, back to today's blog.....and yes I'm still making gonks LOL !! This one is an elf. Again same easy pattern, in fact, easier, as no outfit to make. 
 I've added a bell to him. This one is for a friend, who has requested him, plus the father Christmas one and the Knight one. I can see me making loads more !! Pattern by Ling Ryan of Hooked on patterns.
See you again very soon, and thanks for stopping by. x

Sunday, 23 July 2017

More New Makes.....

Morning all, hope your weekend is going fine so far.

I made these foam keyrings to add to my stock. I've kept them a simple shape, as the foam is quite delicate. I cut 2 of each to stick together and so strengthen them, and I used a eye-let stud (not sure of correct term) before adding the keyring.
 I used the dovecraft glitter glue to add to each keyring.
As to the craft fair yesterday..... well, lets just say I did a fraction of what I did on Thursday !!! Oh Well, never mind, I still made a profit !!. Unfortunately the venue was a social club, with 2 bar areas, a hall (where I was), and 2 outside areas. Although people did pass through my area, not many people stayed in that hall. 4 stall holders never showed up, so there were empty tables in the hall too, which didn't help the look of the room. Plus it rained off and on. 

No more fairs for a week now....that gives me time to restock a little and relax. It's quite tiring doing these events. 

Bye for now. x

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Been Busy......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy. After a very successful craft fair yesterday, I had to re-stock LOL !! I had recently bought a pack of "lego" style erasers, so I decided to make a co-ordinating note pad and add a glitter pencil and make into a set to sell.
 I've made 8 in total, 2 of each colour.

I'm supposed to be doing a craft fair today, with my friend, but not sure yet.
I'll let you know if I do.

Hubby, is still painting everything that moves !! before he can then do the flooring. Kitchen working out really well, and I'm very pleased with it. At the moment, there is nothing that I would want to change.....but I guess I have to live with a while before it settles in.

Enjoy your weekend......lots of other makes to show you over the next few days, so keep popping by. x

Friday, 21 July 2017

Wizard and Knight......

 Morning all, Friday here again....and yet again more Gonks !!! I've shown you the wizard, well here he is joined by a Knight !!!
Fantastic patterns by Ling Ryan of "hookedonpatterns"
A couple more still to be done LOL !!!

My craft fair yesterday was a huge success !!! I took over £100, so as you can imagine, I'm chuffed to bits !!! Makes up for all the times when I barely managed to raise the table money.

Feeling positive about doing more fairs now !!

Have a great weekend xxxx

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Ready For Prom Night !!.....

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy and recovered from the thunder and lightening that we've had over the last couple of days.

I'm doing a school fete this afternoon (indoors !!!!). I wanted to make something a bit different for the girls to see. This book fold dress was the ideal thing. I cut a paperback book to 4.5 inches high and folded down each corner, to make the skirt. I then bought a cheap doll (£1) and cut her in half !! (so cruel LOL ) I then decoupaged some of the pages over her body to form the top half of her dress. Once dried I glued her to the skirt part. I then added some more squares of the pages to hide the join. 
 I added blue gems around the top of the dress,  twisted some around her hair, added one to each ear and around her wrists.
 Then using a serviette I've layered over the book fold part - using mod podge glue to seal. Finally Ive added another row of gems around her waist and the bottom of the dress. The centre piece is meant to go up in the middle LOL !!
The view from the side.

Will let you know how I get on asap. x

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Wizard Gonk......

Morning all, hope you all had a good weekend and feeling refreshed ready for the new week??

Still decorating at still in chaos, with dust paint pots etc everywhere !!! Never mind - whole house will look great (one day !!).

Whilst hubby is busy, I've been doing more gonks - this time a wizard one. The pattern by Ling Ryan is so easy to follow....all the gonks are made exactly the's just the costumes that are different.

Did my school fete Saturday.....I kept an eye on the weather forecast.....sunny, sunny, sunny !! Set up outside with no gazebo but had taken a couple of golfing umbrellas. Little shower whilst setting up, but didn't last long. Weather was cloudy for most of the time......and then the heavens opened !! Well, we tried to cover over as much as we could with the umbrellas, and moving stuff about. But the rain won and we packed up early. So didn't make much, and had the inconvenience of having to dry things off and re-do some labels that got wet.

The school fete was over too as everyone went home as the bouncy castles etc couldn't operate in the rain !!

Oh well never mind, doing another school on Thursday (but inside !!) x

Friday, 14 July 2017

A Different Notepad.....

Morning all, Friday here again......

I've been trying to make different things to sell and been checking out pinterest for ideas !!!

Here is a notepad with a magnetic strip on the back. Covered with pretty paper and then a pencil "case" with 2 pencils in matching colours on top. Co-ordinating ribbon and flower to finish off.

I'm doing a craft fair tomorrow at a hopefully will do well. (ever the optimist !!!!).

Will let you know how things go over the weekend. x

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Craft Fair Makes......

 Morning all, I said a while ago that I was in the process of making bits for my craft fair. I've made 10 so far.....but here are just 3.

I used some cardboard(from a delivery box) and cut 5 x 10 inches. I cut another piece (from cereal box) and stuck on top. Then I covered back and front with the papers (from my stash), making the first side overlap the second side, and then cut another piece of paper 4.75 x 9.75 inches to go on top. This covers the edges too and makes it more neater.
 I then wrapped a piece of ribbon across the bottom, added a side tab to hold the pen. Then added a large bull-dog clip at the top. Using a till roll I've used ribbon to hold the till roll onto the bull dog clip.

I'm hoping these will sell well....will let you know !!

Bye for now. x

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A Card....(for a change !!).....

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy. Glad to say the weather has cooled down a bit here in Kent. Makes it more bearable to sleep at night !!

For a change, I thought I would make a card. Sue Wilson dies.
I bought it as a kit from an online site. The wording was already printed out, along with the embossed background. I just had to cut the sheets down to size. Then cut out the flowers and centre piece using the dies, ( which are part of the kit).

A handy card to have in my stash. 

Bye for now. x

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

2 More Gonks !!!

 Morning all, well I'm still making gonks !!!

This time it's the fisherman & caveman gonk. I just love these patterns by Ling Ryan of "Hookedonpatterns". She sells the basis pattern , then you can have all the instructions for the various gonks for free !! How generous is that???

I took the other two to show my friends at my craft group and got an order for the complete set !!! My crochet hook will be practically sparking as I've got a lot to do LOL !!!

Also in the process of making some bits for a school fair that I'm doing next week. Will try and post them asap.

Bye for now. xx

Monday, 10 July 2017

3 Little Birds !!!......

 Morning all, hope you've all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!!

My eldest was home for a quick visit, so I wasn't able to blog at the weekend.

Made these little birds from a pattern in a magazine. Very easy to knit and doesn't take up too much wool.

Pleased to say, I sold the white one at the craft fair on Saturday. The craft fairs this week have been very disappointing. Not many people want to venture out when the weather is nice, so haven't taken much money.

I do have a few more lined up, so hopefully will do better on another day. I'm already booking up the Christmas will be getting all Christmassy soon with makes to sell.

I'm still in the process of making more gonks in between other things. I've made a fisherman one and am just about to complete a caveman one. Photos to follow in the next few days.

Enjoy your day/week xxx

Friday, 7 July 2017

Last of the Holiday Makes.....

 Morning all, well here we are Friday already, I told you time was flying quickly LOL !!!

Here are the last of the things that I made whilst on Holiday. I did actually start these before I went, as the weather was really hot the week before, too hot to knit or crochet....(well only in the evenings LOL !!)

It is a Marianne Designs die, which i have cut using felt.  I hand stitched them using blanket stitch around the edges. The eyes are actually Dovecrafts 3d effect glue. I first did a small dot in black, and then when it had dried, added a smaller dot in white.
Doing another regular craft fair today, and one again tomorrow, so will be busy. Hope to sell loads. Will report back over the weekend.

Have fun. x

Thursday, 6 July 2017

MAWTT Challenge:- Wedding/Anniversary/Engagement....

 Morning all, It's that time again !! The MAWTT Challenge. This time the challenge is set by Wendy, who would like to see a celebration of a wedding/anniversary or engagement. Luckily for me, it's my friends daughters' anniversary on Friday, so this was perfect for me !!

I've used the Robert Addams dies to create this pop up box card. I chosen art deco style papers to decorate in pale green and black. I copied a photo from facebook of the happy couple and sized down to fit. The number "7" was a docrafts rubber stamp. The champagne bottle and glass are also Robert Addam dies.

 The art deco are again by Robert Addams, and the "happy anniversary" is a die by tattered lace. It was on a repeated strip, but I just cut one off.
The black and crystal gems are from my stash.

Pop over to MAWTT to see the other DT entries, or why not enter yourself. You have 2 weeks to prize....just for fun.

Enjoy the rest of your day.x

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Using Up Leftovers......

Morning all, a quick blog today. I made these stripey owl keyrings from the left over wool that I had when I had finished the unicorn. As the keyrings don't take much wool to crochet, it's a good way of using up all the odd bits. Otherwise, I would have a box full of oddments !!!

I had to wait until I came home to finish these off, as I didn't have the felt eyes with me.

A break tomorrow from holiday makes as it's the MAWTT challenge. Please pop by and see the challenge entries by the DT , or have a go and enter yourself. More details tomorrow. x

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Multi coloured Unicorn.....they do exist !!!!

Morning all, another project made whilst on holiday.....I did actually go out and about whilst on holiday.....but these projects I could knit up in an afternoon or evening !! Another free kit from a magazine. He/she (not sure !!) went on my craft stall yesterday. 

More projects tomorrow so please pop by !!! xx

Monday, 3 July 2017


Morning all, well here we are half way through the year !! I wish I could slow it down a bit, as I seem to have so much that I want to do, but so little time to do it !!! 

I made this little tortoise whilst on holiday too. It was a free kit in a magazine. It didn't take long to make, and will go on my stall today, as I'm doing one of my regular craft fairs.

Bye for now x

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Gonks !!!!!.......

Morning all, a little late in blogging today...been busy catching up with washing etc !!

I saw this pattern by Ling Ryan @ hooked on patterns, some time ago, and was itching to crochet it. I saved it until I was away last week and managed to crochet 2!!. It's the same basic pattern for the gonk (santa) then there are about 6 different versions to make. (watch this I'm sure to be making them all !!).

They stand about 6 inches tall. They are weighted using plastic pellets and then normal stuffing. 

It's a lovely sunny day here in Kent at the moment. Hope it's the same for you. xx

Saturday, 1 July 2017

I'm Back !!!!!

Morning all, hope you are all well and happy. 

Well, I had a good restful week away....hubby did too and is now raring to go again LOL !!

Did some crafting whilst I was away, which I show you next week.

But I thought I would show you some photos of my kitchen. Flooring is still to be done, but the kitchen is open to business !!

I looked through old photos to try and find a photo of the kitchen before, but I could only find some of when we originally did the kitchen (17 years ago). We had changed the worktops and built an island in that time, but you can see the transformation.

As you can see from above, we hadn't completed the kitchen then, still had to paint the walls.

changed the cooker to a red one !!

The New Kitchen !!

 We knocked the firebreast down and have floor to ceiling cupboards now. The island is slightly smaller, but we have the red cooker at the end of the island.
I'm really pleased with the result. Everything is stored away and neat and tidy.

 Husband working hard now to complete the rest of downstairs....bless him !!

Enjoy your weekend. xx

Monday, 26 June 2017

On holiday.......

Hi all, just to let you know I'm on holiday this week. So no blogs scheduled.....I will be back next week xx

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Here Comes The Bride......

 Morning all, hope you are all well and coping in this heatwave that we're having at the moment. I must admit that I find it too hot, especially at night. 

I've still managed to do some knitting, despite the heat LOL !!, and have knitted this bride bunny for a friend of mine. Her daughter is getting married in July. The pattern is a booklet by Alan Dart, and has the bride, groom, bridesmaid and a chimney sweep. 
 The bouquet is made up of loads of bullion knots. A bit like a french knot, but you wrap the wool over about 6 or 7 times before returning the needle. Also whereas in a french knot the needle returns to the same hole, in a bullion knot the needle returns further along, to give room for the knot to lay in a line.

My friend has some of the veil material left over from making her daughter's veil, so she will add it to the bunny. I'll try and get a photo when she's done it.

Other news.....the kitchen is coming along nicely now, with the worktops due to be installed tomorrow. My husband has just got to paint the walls, lay the flooring, install the dishwasher, fit the overhead island light shades.....oh and TIDY UP LOL !!!!!!!!!

We go on holiday he better pull his finger out !!

Bye for now. xx