Friday, 13 January 2017

"I've a Little Fishy, On a Little Dishy".....

Morning all, well it's Friday 13th Today.......don't know whether to brave it and go out, or stay indoors all day keeping warm.......tough decision. 

Here's a little fish that I've just completed. He's meant to knitted in chunky wool to be a cushion, but I've done him in Double Knit wool. He still measures 14 x 10 inches tail to nose, and fin to fin, so could be a small cushion or a toy.

How many of you completed the lyrics of the heading in a geordie accent "when the boat comes in" LOL !!!!

Have a good weekend.....not sure how it's going to be weather wise, but if you're snowed in, what better way to spend the day than crafting !!!

Bye for now x


  1. Angel fish warm turquoise waters.....oh well can but live on memories, reality is grey sky and snow flurries! Let's hope it improves during the day. Have a good weekend best wishes Jackie x

  2. Hi Janice
    Brilliant looking fish.......and guilty on the song front lol!
    Ang x