Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Roll On Spring........

Morning all, for those of you who are back at work today....never's a short week !!!

Now I know we've only just started a new year, but my thoughts always turn to spring and summer during these first couple of months. The weather is normally miserable....the garden is a boggy mess......and "him indoors" is getting under my feet because he's bored LOL !!!!

So I decided to knit this cute lamb. The pattern is from Sirdar. I have to say it wasn't difficult to knit....but was difficult to sew up !! The instructions were not clear at all. I contacted Sirdar direct to see if they had a diagram on how to sew up. They emailed me back stating that if I wanted to I could send the pieces to them and they would sew up for me. I thanked them, but said no thanks as that wouldn't help me if a ever wanted to knit another one. So I persevered, and finally (with a little alteration) managed to sew up into a reasonable lamb shape.
He's quite large (17 inches long x 10 inches high) and I will put him on my craft stall next time.

Have a good day. x


  1. Looks fab Jan, how strange that Sirdar should offer to stitch together for you. xxx

  2. Goodness that is a big project Jan so should give your stand impact. Wonder how much Sirdar would have charged you to sew it up??! Best wishes Jackie xx

  3. Hi Janice
    Wow, how gorgeous and cute.
    Certainly different customer service for Sirdar lol!
    Ang x