Saturday, 4 February 2017

Spring is on It's Way !!......

 Morning all, I hope you are well & happy at the start of the weekend. 

Hopefully spring WILL soon be here, and the sun will be shining.

Knitted this cute little spring lamb yesterday afternoon/evening. It came free with a magazine and was easy to knit.

However, the sparkly purple wool left my hands covered in a pink dye !! You can just about make out the stained fingertips and thumb. When I first noticed the staining I had just about finished knitting the body, so I had to continue. Hopefully it will fade over the weekend LOL !!!

The craft fair yesterday was ok too. I managed to sell a few bits and bobs, which more than covered the cost of the table. First time we had done this one. It's a weekly market, but you don't have to do weekly, you can do weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We've decided to monthly, to see how it goes throughout the year.
It had a nice friendly atmosphere, with a lot of customers coming in for coffee and a chat with friends and neighbours. 

Bad news !!!! I woke up yesterday  morning with a sore throat again !!!! Couldn't believe that I've got another cold so soon after Christmas. I think I've only felt good for a couple of weeks so far this year. Of course, I blamed my husband......I knew I should have left him to suffer in silence and I should have gone out and about like I planned last week LOL !!. Dosed myself up with "day nurse" & "night nurse" yesterday and my sore throat seems to be better, although I still feel a bit rough (and probably look the same !!).

Oh well, carry on.....stiff upper lip and all that !! 
See you again soon. x


  1. Hi Jan,
    oh isn't he the cutest and so wonderfully made too.
    Your hands look like mine yesterday after inking my ribbon.
    Still slightly pink this morning.
    Sorry to hear you look like you are having another cold.
    I very rarely get colds and always think it's because I eat at least a banana a day, and if I think I have a cold coming I have a hot lemon and honey drink I always make myself so I always have a supply of lemon juice and honey in my cupboard.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Hi Janice
    Sorry you've got sniffles coming. Haven't been out much lately so thankfully avoided germs so far.
    Love your lamb. The colour is fabulous. You may need to warn about the dye if you're selling him, especially if some child is likely to put it in its mouth.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  3. Hi Jan glad your fayre went well and it will help if you go regularly and folk get to know what you do. Cute little lamb but another yarn might be better. Best wishes Jackie x