Saturday, 8 April 2017


 Morning all, today is my youngest son's birthday. Gary is 25 years old today. He is, like most men, still a boy at heart and loves Star Wars, especially Chewbacca.

So I have made him this pop-out card for his birthday. I got the front image from google, and added brown card and gold peel-offs for his name and age.
 Inside are 4 images of Chewbacca, and happy birthday son (a combination of dies and peel-offs).

I always like to give my sons a little present (normally along with wads of cash !!) and so, have made him a Chewbacca of his own. 

It is a crochet design. I will make it into a key-ring for him if he wants me to. 

He is a very loving and comical son, and keeps me on my toes - like most men do !!!!

Enjoy your weekend. x

1 comment:

  1. Hi Janice
    Love your personalised card and the little Chewy is fab.
    Hope Gary had a very Happy Birthday.
    Ang x