Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Update on Easter Bonnets......

Morning all, a little late with the blog today, but really busy yesterday, plus went out for a meal last night with hubby, son & son's girlfriend. Lovely time had by all.

Anyway, just reporting back on yesterday.....

We arrived early, and set up our stall plus the table for the Easter Bonnet decorating. We decided to sell the bonnets and then tell the children to select which decorations they would like and then go and sit at another table to stick them on.

The childrens author was asked to be the judge for the competition, which he agreed to.

So we waited.... a trickle of children arrived, ready for the story telling, so wasn't interested in doing the bonnet. At 10 am they all disappeared into the back room to be entertained by the author, taking their parents with them - which wasn't quite what we were expecting. So all stall holders stood twiddling thumbs, wondering if we were going to sell anything today.

Just before the story ended, the lovely young man told the children about the competition.....well, once the story was finished we were inundated with children all wanting a bonnet. There were feathers, Easter chicks, rabbits, stickers, pompoms, etc flying about in a frenzy. Glue was smothered over the bonnets in gay abandon.... They all seemed to take the competition seriously, and all did a great job.

Out of the 30 bonnets that we made we sold 16. The children then had to wait for the end of the session before the winner was announced, which gave them time to look for things that they wanted and hassle their parents for them - as all children do. So we did rather well.

I wasn't able to take photos of the children (in this VERY PC world of ours) but they all looked great.

We decided to bag up bits of decorations and attach to the remaining bonnets and hopefully sell some more on Friday, when we do another craft fair at a different venue. 

Will let you know how they go. x