Saturday, 27 May 2017

Just For Mum......

Morning all, a quick blog today.

When I made this V W camper van tea cosy to sell at my craft fairs, my Mum put in a request for one too.

I've personalised it with her name as the number plate.

Enjoy the weekend and additional Bank Holiday Monday. xx

Friday, 26 May 2017

Just The Thing For This Time Of Year LOL !!!!.................

Morning all, Friday again, and a lovely bank holiday weekend ahead. The weather, here in Kent, has been glorious, Hope it's the same where you are.

A friend of my brother's saw this free pattern on Facebook, and asked me if I could knit it for her. It's by Rowan, and is knitted in pure double knit wool.
It will be lovely and warm for her this winter...

An easy pattern to follow, it has children sizes too. The scarf can be knitted without the legs, but I think the legs, completes the shaun look.

My eldest is home for the weekend, having recovered from Chicken pox ( i hope LOL !!). Will let you know if I develop spots next week !!!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for popping by. x

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

"Cowabunga"  .......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy. Today is my friend's Grandson's birthday. He loves the teenage ninja turtles, so I have made him this card.
I got the images from google. I've added "googly eyes" over the masks on the "O" for Oliver.
 When I first made the name, I was just going to leave it as plain green card, but then I realised that I had a grubby mark on a couple of places, so decided to disguise them by stamping stars all over. When I finished, I thought it looked better than if i had left it plain!! Funny how sometimes a mistake leads to something better !!

 The off-cut of the circle, I've used as the sentiment part inside the card.

Hope it enjoys the day.

Bye for now X

Monday, 22 May 2017

Teacher Mug Gift Sets....

A quick blog today.....

Morning all, another start to the new working week. I'm doing a craft fair this morning at a local county market.

I've made these mugs as Teacher gifts and filled with coffee, latte & hot chocolate sachets, plus a chocolate bar and a felt mug mat. 
Ideal for the teacher who needs a long rest over the summer holidays....

Thanks for popping's always nice to hear from you. xx

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Teacher Gifts.....

 Morning all, hope your weekend is going great so far. I did a craft fair yesterday, and boy what a long day it was !!! Very quiet for the first 3 hours, and sold only one thing, then in the last hour it picked up and i sold quite a few more things !! Made a small profit....just wished it was busy all day !!

I'm turning my attention to teacher gifts now. I have made these tubs, with pencils or crayons glued around the outside edge, with treats inside. I got the labels from pinterest and made the gift work with the label.

 Did this candle too, after seeing the quote on pinterest.

 These are plastic picnic wine glasses, which i thought would be better for children to take to school. 

I still don't have a kitchen....hubby working very hard to make more mess and dust before he starts to re-build it LOL !!! On Thursday morning we had 3 lorries turn up almost exactly at the same time with building materials, flooring etc......the neighbours must be wondering what on earth is going on !! We've filled 2 skips in the last 2 weeks !!!

Hopefully in the next week, things will start going in, rather than come out, and that I'll have a lovely kitchen soon. Fed up with the mess already !!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

Friday, 19 May 2017

It's Friday !!!

 Hello all, just a quick blog today, with some photo's of my flowers from hubby and afternoon tea on Wednesday. 

Needless to say these didn't last long !!! We had 4 slices of gateau to take home too!!!

Chas & I enjoying the coffee & hot chocolate !!!

I look very tired in this photo, but i hadn't slept well the night before as it was so hot and humid, and I have just aged another year LOL !! xx

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Teachers' Gifts.....

 Morning all, thanks for all your birthday wishes for yesterday, I'm glad to say I felt a lot better and had a lovely day, with an afternoon tea & a meal out in the evening.....feeling very full LOL !!!

My hubby bought me flowers and a dashboard camera, after we watched a programme on tv, about the effective use of these cameras, especially if the accident wasn't your fault !!  Will have to watch my speed now though LOL !!

I have turned my attention away from father's day gifts to best teacher gifts. It seems to gain more popularity each year, so I was wondering what little gift I could make for my stall. A while ago I was in the pound shop, and I saw a pack of 3 pens with a matching memo block. I decided to be cheeky and split the memo block into 3 and make a stand for each block and added the pen, with matching ribbon, and a sentiment (printed on the computer). 

 I think they look like quite a nice gift to give to the teacher. I will take them with me on Saturday to see what response I get.

I will try and put some photos from my birthday on tomorrow, if I get time.

Bye for now XX

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

It's My Birthday Today.....Hooray !!!!!

Morning all, yes today is my birthday!!! I'm hoping to have a good day today. Firstly I've got afternoon tea booked and secondly, I'm going out for a meal tonight with my hubby and youngest son. Eldest son still confined to quarters with chicken pox !!

I've felt rough for about 10 days now, but hopefully I'm on the mend. Not felt like doing much crafting, or anything else, but I did manage to finish this book fold.
 I've kept the design simple, as it's for my craft fair, so wanted to reach as many people as possible. I haven't decorated the covers, or spine, although I have covered up the title on the spine with a strip of black card.
 The butterfly is a die from "Elizabeth Crafts" and comes in 3 parts:- the background shape, the intricate top part, and the body. I cut the main part in red card then covered with a sheet of glitterfoil before applying the black intricate part. The sentiment is from Spellbinders.
Like I did on the "dad" bookfold, I've done a cut and fold, followed by colouring in the letters in red sharpie pen.

Hope you have a good a day as I'm hoping to have. xx

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Disappointment all round.......

Morning all, hope you are all having a good weekend so far.

My weekend has been disappointing for me:- firstly I was still feeling really rough with this cold and cough, so couldn't go to the Hochanda show in Kent, and secondly, my eldest son was due to come home on Tuesday to spend some time with me, as it's my birthday on Wednesday. He rang me on Friday to say that he can't come home, as he's caught chicken pox !! So he's confined to staying at home for a week. 

I hoping to go for afternoon tea on my birthday (this is my mother's day present from my eldest) so hopefully I'll be fully recovered by then.

My poor husband has been sleeping on a camp bed in the lounge, as I'm coughing so badly at night that it's the only way he can get some sleep.

Also, we've just gutted out our kitchen, ready for a new one, so I've had to cook with just one piece of worktop balanced on old units in the centre of the kitchen, the sink is in the hallway (don't ask !!) and the cooker and fridge/freezer is freestanding in the kitchen. And yes, I'll still be expected to cook a roast dinner today !!! 

Things can only get better, as the song says !!!

Have a good week, and I'll see you again soon. x

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Two Cute Teddies.....

 Morning all, I've scheduled this post, just in case I feel well enough to go to the Hochanda show in Kent today.

I've crochet these two teddies. The blue and green one is in stripes - changing the wool each time. The pink one is in a variegated wool, that came out in stripes !!

I think I prefer crochet to knitting sometimes, as there isn't much sewing up to do, as it's crochet in the round. I completed them in 2 evenings only.
 I've used safety eyes for a change (as normally I stitch eyes on).
They will be ready for my next craft fair, which is next Saturday.

Will let you know the outcome of today !!

Bye for now. x

Friday, 12 May 2017

An Old Fashioned Tea Cosy.....

Morning all, Friday again LOL !!

I haven't been around much this week, as I've succumbed to another cold. I thought it was the start of hay fever season, as I had the sniffles and a bit of a sore throat, But on Tuesday the cough started. It was like the bad cough I had over Christmas. Very dry and chesty !! 

I'm hoping to go to the Hochanda show tomorrow with friends, but will have to see how I am later today.

I knitted this tea cosy last week, but couldn't find my pom-pom maker, so had to wait until I went to my craft group on Tuesday  and borrowed theirs.

Very easy to knit - just garter stitch. The pleats are created by pulling the yarn across tight behind each colour change.

Enjoy your weekend. xx

Thursday, 11 May 2017

MAWTT Challenge.... Butterflies.

 Morning all, it's the MAWTT challenge again today. The challenge is set by Melanie, who wants to see "butterflies". A good challenge for all, because who doesn't like butterflies ??? 

I made this one using a serviette as the backing paper. Then I layered a square using navy & royal blue card, then added another layer of the serviette and then added a white square for the sentiment. The sentiment is a die by Phil Marting, which I have cut out twice.
 I decorated a candle and made a matching gift card to complete the set.

Pop over to MAWTT to see the other DT entries....or why not have a go's just for fun.

Bye for now. x

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Father's Day Tie Gift Sets.....

 Morning all, hope your weekend is going great so far.

I've made these tie gift sets ready for Father's day. I've been toying with the idea of making a tie shaped box and filling with gifts, but couldn't quite get a box to work. Instead I made these thick card tie shapes as the base, then added the contents (sticking them on with double sided tape). Then I've used the tie shape to make an acetate cover. It was a bit hit and miss to start with, but eventually, I worked it out. 

 As you can see, they are all the same. The contents are : a note pad and pen, a keyring, and some sweets at the top and bottom.
I've only made four, which I took to the craft fair Friday and Saturday. I realised that I didn't enlighten you to the results of Friday. I didn't sell anything. It was a really quite day, with not many people coming in.

Saturday, by complete contrast was very successful. I sold quite a few things, and there was a steady stream of people coming through the doors. Not all buying, but they were looking.

Amongst the things that I sold were:- VW campervan tea cosy, candles, key rings, star wars toys, unicorn & giraffe soft toys. I sold 3 things for fathers day, which wasn't bad, considering it's not fathers day until June.

No more craft fairs until 20th, which gives me a bit of time to make more things LOL !!! 

Bye for now. x

Saturday, 6 May 2017

2nd Father's Day Card.....

 Morning all, as promised, here is the other Father's day card that I made. This time the theme is painting & decorating. I bought the Robert Addams die of decorating recently, and it works a treat on this card. Sorry for the quality of the photos, a bit of a funny light when I took the photos, plus I should have changed the background colour so that the white card stood out more.

 I used a small piece of patterned paper and rolled it up tightly, so that it looks like a roll of wallpaper. The word "dad" was a small rubber stamp that I've had for ever !! I drew a "ladder" at the back of the card, that goes down in to the base.

The craft fair on Friday was.........

I'm doing another one today, at a school, which I haven't done before, so fingers crossed for a good day.

Whatever you are doing, have fun. x

Friday, 5 May 2017

Father's Day Card....

 Morning all, well here we are, Friday again LOL !! I'm doing a craft fair this morning, as well as one tomorrow. I managed to finish this card, and another (that I'll show tomorrow) ready for the fairs. I know it's not Father's day until June, but when you only do monthly fairs in some places, you have to be early !! I had made a similar one to this a little while ago, but I sold it the other week, so decided to make another one.
 As well as using the Robert Addams dies for the tools on the back, I bought some cardio stamps with just tools on. I've stamped these on either side.
Hope you have a good weekend. Bye for now. xx

Thursday, 4 May 2017

May The Fourth Be With You...... (for all you Star Wars Fans !!!!

 Morning all, hope you are all well and happy and thinking about a galaxy far, far, away.......or maybe a mars bar, twix, kit-kat LOL !!!!

I haven't quite finished the card I was making to show today, but hopefully will be on tomorrow's blog.

I've been toying with the idea of making a mug into a gift box(type) and filling with appropriate items. As Father's Day is next in the celebration diary, I decided to do for them. 

I had seen on pinterest that you could write on a ceramic mug with a sharpie pen, then bake for 30mins and then the writing would be permanent.

I bought a set of 4 mugs from local supermarket for £3.00 and had a go.

It wasn't that easy to write on them neatly, but from a distance look ok.
I have filled these up with a sock (rolled up in the bottom), a pen, a screwdriver, a yorkie bar and some lollies. 
I think they look ok for a gift. I will put them in gift bags and add a label (like the candles).

Enjoy the rest of your day. I'm doing a craft fair tomorrow morning an another one on Saturday, so will report back asap. xx