Sunday, 14 May 2017

Disappointment all round.......

Morning all, hope you are all having a good weekend so far.

My weekend has been disappointing for me:- firstly I was still feeling really rough with this cold and cough, so couldn't go to the Hochanda show in Kent, and secondly, my eldest son was due to come home on Tuesday to spend some time with me, as it's my birthday on Wednesday. He rang me on Friday to say that he can't come home, as he's caught chicken pox !! So he's confined to staying at home for a week. 

I hoping to go for afternoon tea on my birthday (this is my mother's day present from my eldest) so hopefully I'll be fully recovered by then.

My poor husband has been sleeping on a camp bed in the lounge, as I'm coughing so badly at night that it's the only way he can get some sleep.

Also, we've just gutted out our kitchen, ready for a new one, so I've had to cook with just one piece of worktop balanced on old units in the centre of the kitchen, the sink is in the hallway (don't ask !!) and the cooker and fridge/freezer is freestanding in the kitchen. And yes, I'll still be expected to cook a roast dinner today !!! 

Things can only get better, as the song says !!!

Have a good week, and I'll see you again soon. x


  1. Hi Janice
    Now, if a gal isn't well enough to go to a craft show, she certainly isn't well enough to cook a roast dinner lol!
    My sympathy to your son. That was me 2 years ago, if you remember and its making me itch just thinking about it.
    Hope you feel better by Wednesday.
    Ang x

  2. Hi Jan hope you are feeling a bit better today. Dare I say you didn't really miss much at the show. Ideal if all you do is stamping but there wasn't really a great deal else. It was a nice venue and extremely wide aisles so very easy to get round albeit it didn't seem there were that many folk there. Just concentrate on getting fit now for Wednesday. Best wishes Jackie x