Wednesday, 17 May 2017

It's My Birthday Today.....Hooray !!!!!

Morning all, yes today is my birthday!!! I'm hoping to have a good day today. Firstly I've got afternoon tea booked and secondly, I'm going out for a meal tonight with my hubby and youngest son. Eldest son still confined to quarters with chicken pox !!

I've felt rough for about 10 days now, but hopefully I'm on the mend. Not felt like doing much crafting, or anything else, but I did manage to finish this book fold.
 I've kept the design simple, as it's for my craft fair, so wanted to reach as many people as possible. I haven't decorated the covers, or spine, although I have covered up the title on the spine with a strip of black card.
 The butterfly is a die from "Elizabeth Crafts" and comes in 3 parts:- the background shape, the intricate top part, and the body. I cut the main part in red card then covered with a sheet of glitterfoil before applying the black intricate part. The sentiment is from Spellbinders.
Like I did on the "dad" bookfold, I've done a cut and fold, followed by colouring in the letters in red sharpie pen.

Hope you have a good a day as I'm hoping to have. xx


  1. Happy Birthday Jan, wishing you a fab day even though you may not feel your best, xxx

  2. Belated birthday wishes Jan. For some reason your email posts are suddenly taking an extra day to reach me hence I'm late. I hope you had a most enjoyable day. Best wishes Jackie x

  3. Hi Janice
    Belated Happy Birthday greetings. Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Haven't done a book folding for a long time but this looks smashing.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x