Monday, 26 June 2017

On holiday.......

Hi all, just to let you know I'm on holiday this week. So no blogs scheduled.....I will be back next week xx

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Here Comes The Bride......

 Morning all, hope you are all well and coping in this heatwave that we're having at the moment. I must admit that I find it too hot, especially at night. 

I've still managed to do some knitting, despite the heat LOL !!, and have knitted this bride bunny for a friend of mine. Her daughter is getting married in July. The pattern is a booklet by Alan Dart, and has the bride, groom, bridesmaid and a chimney sweep. 
 The bouquet is made up of loads of bullion knots. A bit like a french knot, but you wrap the wool over about 6 or 7 times before returning the needle. Also whereas in a french knot the needle returns to the same hole, in a bullion knot the needle returns further along, to give room for the knot to lay in a line.

My friend has some of the veil material left over from making her daughter's veil, so she will add it to the bunny. I'll try and get a photo when she's done it.

Other news.....the kitchen is coming along nicely now, with the worktops due to be installed tomorrow. My husband has just got to paint the walls, lay the flooring, install the dishwasher, fit the overhead island light shades.....oh and TIDY UP LOL !!!!!!!!!

We go on holiday he better pull his finger out !!

Bye for now. xx

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Happy Father's Day.....

 Morning all, phew what a scorcher !!! it's been so hot here in Kent. We've had a few uncomfortable nights sleep....I know we mustn't complain.....but why does it have to be too hot ???

Anyway, today is Father's Day, and here is the card that I did for my dad. He was in the Royal Navy as a young man. So I choose a naval theme for the card. I was given the life belt embellishment from a friend a while ago. The anchor is a die (can't remember the make) the "dad" is a tonic die, and the side strip is a Sue Wilson - Prism die. 

Here is my stall at the craft fair yesterday, as you can see I'm in full sun-light when this was taken (first thing before opened), I did get a bit of shade later on - but some of my things in cellophane started to steam up , it was that hot !!

It was a lovely turn-out, and I did very well indeed selling a variety of items across the table. I do have a couple of fathers day items left, but they will keep until next year - or I might alter them ready for Christmas LOL !! Some of my teacher gifts with chocolate in did suffer in the heat. I'll have to replace the chocolate in them before I sell. Husband will be pleased to have all this extra chocolate - however mis-shapen it is LOL 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I'm not cooking a roast today, as my hubby is going fishing for the day, and my youngest is having dinner with his dad & grandad. So a relaxing day for me....apart from the doing the washing and ironing (moan !!).x

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Craft fair......

Morning all, a quick blog today. I'm doing a craft fair today outside. Hopefully I'll sell the last few bits that I've made for Father's Day.  I haven't made anything new lately, as I want to run down the stock I have. I've been trying to think of new things to do. I do 3 regular craft fairs per month, so need to keep the stock fresh for those. Any ideas will be gratefully received.

It's going to be a warm, sunny day, so even if I don't sell much, I should get a god suntan lol !!

See you soon x

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sorry To See Them Go !!!!.....

 Morning all, well you hear nothing from me for days, and now I've blogged for 3 consecutive days !!!

Two of the ladies in my craft club have decided to put their houses up for sale and move out of the area.....I hope it's nothing I've said LOL !!

I wanted to make them a good luck in your new home card. When looking through my papers I found one sheet that was suitable, so I had to share it between the 2 cards and do smaller cards (6 x 6) than I would normally do.

I've kept the theme similar to.

 I had borrowed this "good luck" die from a friend and whilst using it I thought of a good way to keep the wording straight. Rather than poke the die out and then glue, I've added the glue to the card whilst still in the die.....

Then when I laid it onto the card blank and started poking through....the glue helped it pop out much easier as it had something to "hold onto", and so was straight. Of course, I made sure the die didn't have any glue on it before I gave it back LOL !!

Hopefully it's a good tip....or can you think of an easier way? Let me know and I'll share your tips.

Bye for now. x

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

V W Campervan Tissue Box Cover...

 Morning all. Hope you are all well and happy and enjoying the sunshine.

I made this tissue box cover a little while ago, but hadn't managed to take a photo or do the blog (see yesterday's blog !)

I made the pattern up myself, so not perfect, but not bad for a first attempt!
 I did both sides the same.
 The back....I need to add a little bit of elastic to keep the bottom down. The buttons undo to allow you to put a replacement box in when needed.
A view from the top.

I was thinking of making some animal ones for children's bedrooms. The pattern is basically 4 squares plus a bottom and top. Not too difficult. 

Pop by and see me again soon. x

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

I'm Still Here !!!.....

Morning all, Just a quick blog to let you know I'm still here LOL !! I'm having a new kitchen fitted by hubby, and it's taken weeks so far, as we have totally changed everything. There was a lot of work involved, as we were moving the gas cooker to the centre of the room, onto the island. I've been living in a building site, with dust everywhere. No point in doing any housework, as the whole house seems to be covered in dust !!

I'm glad to say that the new kitchen was delivered last Wednesday, and since then, my hubby has been working extremely hard to put everything in. At this moment all the units and appliances are in. Had the guys in yesterday to measure ready for the worktops and sink to be fitted. That will be another 9 days at least !! So in the meantime I've got one area that has the old worktop balanced to top, just so that I've got a working area to use.

I'm starting to put all my bits back into the kitchen. It's a good time to actually look at everything that I've had stored away and think "do I still need or use this ?". 

I'm trying to put things away in a way that is more things that I use all the time in the middle of the cupboards, and things that are used less at the top or bottom.

Had a new microwave/oven put in. Need a degree in science to know how to work it now LOL !! Why are things so complicated? I just want to switch on and press go !!

Hopefully all will be done before we go on holiday at the end of June. I will try and take some photos to show you my lovely Kitchen.

Oh...and also might try and get some crafting photos done too XXX

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Custom Made.....

Morning all, a quick blog today, before I "sail" to my craft club this afternoon......if it's pouring down where you live you'll understand !!

A friend from this club had the pattern to knit this a while ago, but with one thing and another didn't get around to doing it for her brother's birthday (yesterday !!). So she rang me Friday evening and asked if I would do it for her. She wanted red and blue stripes as her brother supports Crystal Palace F.C.

Well, I bought the wool Saturday and knitted and knitted and knitted LOL !!

Finished yesterday and will be giving it to her today !!

I think changing the background colour from tan to grey, makes the cushion look so different. I looked on google for the C.P.F.C badge, to see if I could put it int the centre, rather than the VW sign, but it wasn't round and was quite detailed.

Rather pleased with the result. 

It's the MAWTT Challenge tomorrow, but unfortunately, I've been unable to do a card this time. Please pop over the the blog and see the other DT'S entries.

Bye for now. xx

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Such A Delicate Lady !!!.....

 Morning all, hope you've all had a good weekend so far!!

Here is a lovely delicate little thing that likes Ballet!!!. A hippo, complete with tutu !!

Was a free kit in "Lets Knit" magazine recently. Unfortunately , whoever had worked the pattern out, hadn't worked out just how much wool was needed, as there wasn't enough in the kit. I emailed the magazine, and they kindly sent me some more wool. The original kit had pink wool for the tutu and bows, but I used yellow, as I wanted the pink for the flamingo key-rings from the other day. 
 I'm doing a craft fair on Monday, so hopefully she will be snapped up (fingers crossed !!).
Bye for now. x

Saturday, 3 June 2017


 Morning all, a new start to the weekend ....hope you are enjoying the lovely weather that we have been having lately. 

If you live by the sea, you might just see this little fellow splashing around in the water !!
Crochet in aqua and jade, with a grey band around the middle. Only 7.5 inches high. I made his tail curl up by fixing a strand of wool at the tail end, and doing a running stitch up the length of the tail, and then pulling tight, so that the tail curls, and finally fixing at the other end, whilst still pulling tight.

The craft fair yesterday was very quiet. You never know if during half term & holidays, you are going to be busier or quieter. People obviously made good use of the sunshine on Friday morning, while they could, before the rain came down.

Pleased to say, I did make enough to cover the cost of the table plus a little bit more....and the flamingo key-ring, was one of the first things to go !!

Will spend the weekend making more !!

Bye for now x

Friday, 2 June 2017

Pretty Flamingo!! .....

 Morning all, sorry for the abscence.....several factors involved.....firstly I had pulled a muscle or trapped a nerve in my hip last Wednesday, and was finding it very difficult to get about or do anything. Luckily strong painkillers from the doctors soon had it better..... and secondly, my eldest son was home for the weekend, and so I couldn't get into my craft room until Wednesday !!

I don't know if you've noticed the increase in flamingos around the retail area, but they seem to be fashionable. So I looked online and found this cute pattern for a flamingo. I've turned it into a keyring, but it could just be a small toy.

It is only approx 5 x 5 inches (from beak to feet, and tip of tail to beak) The pattern suggested putting wire into the neck, but I used 2 pipe cleaners twisted together, as it's for children.

Doing a local monthly craft fair today, so will be taking her with me.

Have a good weekend. x