Tuesday, 13 June 2017

I'm Still Here !!!.....

Morning all, Just a quick blog to let you know I'm still here LOL !! I'm having a new kitchen fitted by hubby, and it's taken weeks so far, as we have totally changed everything. There was a lot of work involved, as we were moving the gas cooker to the centre of the room, onto the island. I've been living in a building site, with dust everywhere. No point in doing any housework, as the whole house seems to be covered in dust !!

I'm glad to say that the new kitchen was delivered last Wednesday, and since then, my hubby has been working extremely hard to put everything in. At this moment all the units and appliances are in. Had the guys in yesterday to measure ready for the worktops and sink to be fitted. That will be another 9 days at least !! So in the meantime I've got one area that has the old worktop balanced to top, just so that I've got a working area to use.

I'm starting to put all my bits back into the kitchen. It's a good time to actually look at everything that I've had stored away and think "do I still need or use this ?". 

I'm trying to put things away in a way that is more things that I use all the time in the middle of the cupboards, and things that are used less at the top or bottom.

Had a new microwave/oven put in. Need a degree in science to know how to work it now LOL !! Why are things so complicated? I just want to switch on and press go !!

Hopefully all will be done before we go on holiday at the end of June. I will try and take some photos to show you my lovely Kitchen.

Oh...and also might try and get some crafting photos done too XXX


  1. Look forward to pics Jan. My youngest has just had an extension and once they had knocked through from kitchen they had to cook in microwave n living room floor and wash up in Hollies play sink!!!!

  2. All sounds exciting Jan. My biggest change when I had the extension last year was learning how to use an electric oven only having ever used gas before. I still say to myself gas mark ....and then have to look on my noticeboard to see what it is in electric!! It will all be worthwhile on the end. Best wishes Jackie x