Friday, 2 June 2017

Pretty Flamingo!! .....

 Morning all, sorry for the abscence.....several factors involved.....firstly I had pulled a muscle or trapped a nerve in my hip last Wednesday, and was finding it very difficult to get about or do anything. Luckily strong painkillers from the doctors soon had it better..... and secondly, my eldest son was home for the weekend, and so I couldn't get into my craft room until Wednesday !!

I don't know if you've noticed the increase in flamingos around the retail area, but they seem to be fashionable. So I looked online and found this cute pattern for a flamingo. I've turned it into a keyring, but it could just be a small toy.

It is only approx 5 x 5 inches (from beak to feet, and tip of tail to beak) The pattern suggested putting wire into the neck, but I used 2 pipe cleaners twisted together, as it's for children.

Doing a local monthly craft fair today, so will be taking her with me.

Have a good weekend. x


  1. I had wondeted if everything was ok. Don't go overdoing it today. You're right about flamingoes and all things tropical being "in" at the moment. I dug in my box of magazine freebies as I knew I had a flamingo die so that is on the desk to try. Hope you do well today best wishes Jackie x

  2. Hi Jan,
    oooooooooo! that soundded painful.
    Yes I have noticed that flamingos seen to be everywhere laltely.
    Such a pity we don't see the real one in this country.
    Your key ring is excellent.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Hi Janice
    You do come up with some fantastic ideas for gifts.
    Can't say I've noticed the flamingo trend but I have seen the marching ones at Ardastra Gardens Nassau, which were amazing.
    Hope you're not overdoing things until that hip settles completely.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x