Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sorry To See Them Go !!!!.....

 Morning all, well you hear nothing from me for days, and now I've blogged for 3 consecutive days !!!

Two of the ladies in my craft club have decided to put their houses up for sale and move out of the area.....I hope it's nothing I've said LOL !!

I wanted to make them a good luck in your new home card. When looking through my papers I found one sheet that was suitable, so I had to share it between the 2 cards and do smaller cards (6 x 6) than I would normally do.

I've kept the theme similar to.

 I had borrowed this "good luck" die from a friend and whilst using it I thought of a good way to keep the wording straight. Rather than poke the die out and then glue, I've added the glue to the card whilst still in the die.....

Then when I laid it onto the card blank and started poking through....the glue helped it pop out much easier as it had something to "hold onto", and so was straight. Of course, I made sure the die didn't have any glue on it before I gave it back LOL !!

Hopefully it's a good tip....or can you think of an easier way? Let me know and I'll share your tips.

Bye for now. x


  1. Sad when people move away, my friend has put here house up for sale to move back to UK. Great cards and a good tip too, xxx

  2. Hi Jan having made the decision let's hope things move on fairly quickly or the cards will be sitting waiting a long time!! But both cards are lovely and the words on the topper so suitable. Best wishes Jackie x

  3. Hi Jan,
    brilliant card and super designs.
    Yes it is sad to see friends move elswhere.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Hi Janice
    Two lovely cards. I hope you can keep in touch with them. We're lucky our lovely neighbours only moved down the road.
    Ang x