Thursday, 20 July 2017

Ready For Prom Night !!.....

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy and recovered from the thunder and lightening that we've had over the last couple of days.

I'm doing a school fete this afternoon (indoors !!!!). I wanted to make something a bit different for the girls to see. This book fold dress was the ideal thing. I cut a paperback book to 4.5 inches high and folded down each corner, to make the skirt. I then bought a cheap doll (£1) and cut her in half !! (so cruel LOL ) I then decoupaged some of the pages over her body to form the top half of her dress. Once dried I glued her to the skirt part. I then added some more squares of the pages to hide the join. 
 I added blue gems around the top of the dress,  twisted some around her hair, added one to each ear and around her wrists.
 Then using a serviette I've layered over the book fold part - using mod podge glue to seal. Finally Ive added another row of gems around her waist and the bottom of the dress. The centre piece is meant to go up in the middle LOL !!
The view from the side.

Will let you know how I get on asap. x


  1. This is amazing Jan and a real keepsake for girls of any age. Hope you have a sell out today, best wishes Jackie x