Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Wizard Gonk......

Morning all, hope you all had a good weekend and feeling refreshed ready for the new week??

Still decorating at still in chaos, with dust paint pots etc everywhere !!! Never mind - whole house will look great (one day !!).

Whilst hubby is busy, I've been doing more gonks - this time a wizard one. The pattern by Ling Ryan is so easy to follow....all the gonks are made exactly the's just the costumes that are different.

Did my school fete Saturday.....I kept an eye on the weather forecast.....sunny, sunny, sunny !! Set up outside with no gazebo but had taken a couple of golfing umbrellas. Little shower whilst setting up, but didn't last long. Weather was cloudy for most of the time......and then the heavens opened !! Well, we tried to cover over as much as we could with the umbrellas, and moving stuff about. But the rain won and we packed up early. So didn't make much, and had the inconvenience of having to dry things off and re-do some labels that got wet.

The school fete was over too as everyone went home as the bouncy castles etc couldn't operate in the rain !!

Oh well never mind, doing another school on Thursday (but inside !!) x


  1. Oh what a disappointment Jan. Let's hope the weather stays fine his week even though it is indoors. Best wishes Jackie x

  2. Wonderful make Jan, sad abut the fayre, typical English weather.