Monday, 21 August 2017


Morning all, quick update on the weekend, when I did a craft Fair on Friday and Saturday...... disaster both days !!!!!

Friday I didn't sell anything....and on Saturday sold 2 things for a total of £19.00 !!!!! - Good job I don't do this for a living LOL !!

No particular reason, other than although people were about....they weren't buying. This happens some days - just have to accept and move on. 

I've started knitting my pumpkins and spiders now ready for halloween.

I also had people take my card and hopefully will get sales later in the year.

Hope you have a good week, I'm off to the dentist this morning for a check up and clean.....the week can only get better !!!!!

Bye for now. xx

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  1. Oh my Jan how disappointing as having a table costs money to start with. One bad day is one thing but two in a row worse. Hope thd dentist is not too painful. Best wishes Jackie x