Friday, 29 September 2017

He's A Small Reindeer .......

Morning all, hope you enjoyed the MAWTT Challenge yesterday?? 
There's plenty of time for you to enter the competition.

The other Sunday Aldi, were doing a craft special in their stores. I bought this crochet kit for £3.50. Everything was included, and the instructions (although small print) were easy to follow. It was done on a 3mm crochet hook, and some of the pieces were no larger than my little finger, which wasn't easy to do....when you're trying to get your largest finger into the piece LOL !!
Anyhow, it took me almost a week to do and I think he's adorable !! My husband even commented on his expression and said " you're not going to sell him are you?".  Of course......he will go on the stall when I start showing my Christmas bits......but I won't be too disappointed if he doesn't sell.

Talking of selling, I've got a busy weekend starting today. I'm doing the local market. Tomorrow I'm doing a MacMillan coffee morning for a community centre , Sunday I'm doing a craft fair at a local village, and then on Monday I'm back at the community centre for the monthly market!!! Haven't told my lot indoors that there'll be no cooking/cleaning/washing done yet......I guess they will work that out by the fact that I'm not there LOL !!

Will report back next week on how they went. 

Have a good weekend x

Thursday, 28 September 2017

MAWTT Challenge:- A Geometric Shape !!

 Morning all, It's the MAWTT Challenge today, and this time it's set by me!!

I thought I would challenge you to do a card with geometric shapes on. I goggled the definition to be sure I knew what one was LOL !!.

Google states "a geometric shape is anything that when rotated still remains the original shape ie: circle, square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, and octagon etc"

So Here is the card that I've come up with !! 

A birthday card, consisting of octagons !!

Visit the MAWTT, and see the other DT entries.....or why not have a go yourself? Just for fun xx

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

My Halloween Makes.......

Morning all, hope you are well, as we start to head towards the weekend. 

My son's girlfriend is a school teacher, and has got her first cold of the school year....must be mixing with all those germy children LOL !!

I've been making a few Halloween bits and still had a couple of bits from last year. So I decided to put them all together to see if I've got enough for a table!!
This is the result !!

 As you can see there is quite a few bits..... from crackers and spiders......
 ..... to coffin boxes and pumpkins.......
 I'm doing the local market on I'll be showing these for the first time.

Don't forget to pop by tomorrow for the MAWTT Challenge....which this time is set by me !!

Have a great day. x

Friday, 22 September 2017

Coffin Boxes........

 Morning all, Friday here again.

I bought the die from Tonic for these coffin boxes. I spent yesterday cutting them out and decorating. The skeleton on the front is not part of the Tonic set, but one that I had recently bought from China. The skeleton die in the Tonic set, comprised of lots of dies that you make the skeleton up with, and as I was making a few, decided my other die would be quicker. Lots of elements in this die set....well worth the money.
 Below are the coffin boxes that I made up myself last year, without the aid of a die......just as good (but not quite !!).
The decorating is now finished (hooray), and the house is looking good. Just got to clean everywhere and bring back all the accessories that have been in boxes in the garage. 

Have a good weekend. x

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

3 Christmas Stockings......

Morning all, a little late with the blog today, sorry, I meant to do it yesterday to schedule for today, but somehow didn't get around to it.

I was asked a little while ago if I could knit 3 Christmas stockings. Once she had decided what wool she wanted me to use (dk or chunky), the only instruction she gave me was she wanted them all striped and all different !!

I've used the same 3 colours and changed the design slightly in each one. The 3 all have the same tops (which was knitted in a fluffy wool) and the ties are all the same.

I hope she likes them, otherwise I'll 3 stockings to sell on my craft stall soon !!

The craft fairs that I did on Friday and Saturday were ok....made some profit, but people not quite ready to buy for Christmas.

The other piece of good news that I have to share with you, is that my local florist (in my village) has taken some of my goodies to sell in the shop Hip, Hip, Hooray !!!!!!!!

I've given her some decorated candles, a Christmas Cushion, some notepads, a book fold and some Christmas felt decorations.

I'll pop back in a couple of weeks to see how they are going...if at all !! - Fingers crossed please all.

Next Craft fair isn't until next Tuesday, so I've got a few days to restock and rest LOL !!

See you again very soon I hope. x

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Moving Home.....

Morning all, another weekend is nearly over.....hope yours has been good so far.

I did a craft fair Friday morning, and another on Saturday...... Nothing spectacular to report, made a little money, on top of table costs, which is the main thing.

I've made this moving home card for my brother and his family, who hope to be moving this week (fingers crossed !!).

The sentiment is from a Hunkydory pad. The houses are a x-cut die that I bought some time ago really cheaply (a come in handy die LOL !!), and now it has !!

No craft fairs this week, but 2 next week. I'll be bringing out all the halloween items that I've made - must try and remember to take a photo of them all before I start !!

I did remember to take a photo yesterday of my stall.
As you can see....a bit of everything !!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

First Batch Of Christmas Cards.....

 Morning all, half-way through the week, and I hope you've had a stress-free one so far !!

As promised, I have made some Christmas cards.  I had a day of cutting out the background (Sue Wilson background die - twinkle star) on a 6 x 6 card blank. Then I have backed each one using mirri card - different colour on each one. 
 The hard decision, was then what to put on each one ......
 .....and what greeting.....
 I had recently bought these small "first edition" & "Dovecraft" dies from "everycraftsapound". There were loads of things to choose from.  
 I decided to do the same greeting on each card in matching mirri card.
 ....But decided to do a second layer using  black card and off-set to create a shadow. (This gingerbread man was an x-cut die).
 ....each of the corner embellishments have been glittered first by using double sided tape and glamour dust.
This last die was "Cottage Cutz" - reindeer postage.

Well that's a start LOL !! Must do some more soon. Have made the decision to keep the cards small and simple this year. I will do larger more elaborate ones for friends and family that don't get posted. 

How are you getting on with Christmas ???? Have you started yet???? or, like some, almost finished ????

Let me know in the comments box. 

See you soon. x

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

More Felt Christmas Decorations.....

Morning all, hope you are all well & happy.

Another quick blog today, as I'm sure you're getting fed up with seeing Christmas decorations LOL !! I promise the next blog that I do will be cards (albeit Christmas Cards !!)

Finished sewing these up on Sunday.

Easy to do with a simple shape for the reindeers, and just circles for the Christmas pud.

Hope to see you again very soon. x

Sunday, 10 September 2017

More V.W.Campervan Christmas Decorations......

Morning all, hope the weekend has been a good one so far.

A quick blog today.... 

..... more V.W.Campervan Christmas decorations made...this time in more colours.

2 are on their way to Ashford, in Kent as we speak.

£3.00 each plus postage. 

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Christmas Cushion.....

 Morning all, Saturday here again.....

It's hubbies birthday today, so i'm being a good and loving wife, by making continue with the decorating LOL !!!. Before you all start feeling sorry for him, he did have Tuesday afternoon and all day Thursday off to go fishing !!
I've made him a birthday cake (just a plain victoria sponge) as that is what he likes the best !! So he will be well fed whilst working !!

On to other things and I've just completed this simple but effective Christmas cushion.
Not very complicated to knit, as just rows of different bands on the front and plain on the back. The santa's hat was just a square of knitting folded diagonally and sew across the top. 
The eyes are swiss darned on afterwards. 

Another make ready for my Christmas fairs. So far I've got a large cardboard box filled with halloween makes and another with Christmas makes.

Think I need to have a bit of a break and make some Christmas cards for myself, or I'll never catch up. I think a spot of "batch" making is in order......
..... watch this space !!

Whatever you are doing - enjoy yourselves LOL !! xx

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Crochet Penguin.....

Morning all, hope today finds you well & happy.

I crocheted this penguin a few days ago, but this was the first opportunity I've had to show him on my blog.

The pattern is Janine Holmes from mojimojidesigns.
Very easy to follow, as crochet in the round, so no seams to sew up afterwards.

Lounge now ready for flooring to go down. Went to the shops with hubby yesterday to look for lights, cushions, and throws. I wasn't feeling too great myself, but this was the only day we could both go together. Halfway walking around the shops he announces that his shoes hurt and can we go home soon !!! Men !! they'll never understand how to shop !! Needless to say we only came home with cushions LOL !!

Never mind, good job on-line shopping was invented.....probably for men LOL !!

Thanks for stopping by, and come again soon. x

Sunday, 3 September 2017

V.W.Campervan Christmas Decoration...

Morning all, hope your weekend is going great so far.

Hubby is continuing to decorate the lounge. We had to wait for the plasterer to come , so that put us behind a few days.....but I'm glad to say that paint is now on the walls !! Just got to wallpaper one wall and then the flooring can go down and the new sofa's can be unwrapped. At the moment we are sitting on them with the plastic covering still on, as I don't want any paint on them.

Whilst the weather has been nice, I've sat outside and done some sewing. I've shown the stars already. I thought I would see if i could do a V. W Campervan one too, as I'm thinking of doing a gift set with loads of V.W.campervans included.

A bit fiddly, to cut the felt out, and so far I've only done this one. I've added the confetti holly on the top and used hot fix crystals for the lights. Then glued a large flat-backed gem for the centre - too small to do the V W emblem.

Will probably do other colours before Christmas.

There are so many things that I want to do -that I just don't know what to do first LOL !! I'm trying not to do too much of the same thing (ie knitting), as I'm finding that I've got a touch of arthritis beginning to set in, so I can't do knitting continuously. 

From the end of September until Christmas, I think I've got at least one craft fair every week, so I better pull my finger out and get on with making things !!

On that note, I'll say cheerio XX

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Christmas Theme Continued.....

 Morning all, hope the start of the weekend is going great so far.

I made a few of these felt Christmas Star Decorations last year, so decided to make some more. In traditional colours of red, white & green. I've used hot fix crystals to decorate them.

See you all again very soon. x

Friday, 1 September 2017

Christmas Stockings......

Morning all, well here we are again, the end of the week and the start of a new month !!! Soon be Christmas LOL !!!!!!!

On that note, last month at a regular craft fair, a customer asked me if i could knit a Christmas stocking for her grandchildren. Not too sure what she had in mind, I've knitted 2, one stripey in DK wool, and the other plain in Chunky wool.
Hopefully she'll like them both when I see her on Monday.

Doing a regular local market today....not expecting to sell a lot, as this one can be a bit "hit and miss", but I live in hope !!

Enjoy your weekend. xx