Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Phew !!!!! What A Busy Weekend !!!!!....

Morning all, hope you are all well and happy and have slipped in October and the Autumnal days and nights without too much stress??

I've had a really busy weekend as, like I mentioned in my blog the other day, I have been doing craft fairs every day starting Friday.

Have to report back as having a very successful few days !! Took money at every event and also received orders for items. Also the lady that I had made the Christmas stockings for, liked them, and another lady who saw them has ordered 2 !!

It's such a boost when people like the things that you've made.

Extremely tired now that I'm back indoors, as I now have piles and piles of washing and ironing to do !! I think my lot decided to change bed linen and renew all their towels whilst I was out LOL !!

I was counting up how many craft fairs that I have done last year compare to this year....Last year did 24 craft fairs, and this year have done/and will do 66!!!!! No wonder I'm tired LOL !!

Oh well, can't sit around playing on the computer.....there's work to be done !!

Thanks for popping by and remember that there is still time to enter into the MAWTT Challenge ! x


  1. Wow so many stalls, busy lady, xxxx

  2. Congratulations!! So pleased it is going well for you. Best wishes Jackie x