Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Paddington Bear.........

 Morning all.........This is what I needed the duffle coat buttons for !!!

Paddington Bear !!

I've been knitting this off and on for the last few weeks. The pattern that I have isn't a very good one....not enough instructions.....

I didn't like the way they had done the snout, so I created my own one. I reversed the stitching so that the plain side was on show, as it looked more like fur.

I just need to find a kilt pin for his hat. 

This is him without his hat on !!

Enjoy the rest of your day XX

Monday, 29 January 2018

Sandown Craft Show......

Morning all, hope you all had a good weekend.

I went to Sandown craft show on Saturday. The M25 was pretty quiet, and we got there in less than 1 hour......

......the craft fair itself, was heaving with people !!!

Quite a few stalls you couldn't get near - due to people - and buggies - and trollies !!!!!

Why can't they ban trollies ??? They are such a nuisance !! People seem to forget that they are an extension of their arm....and just wander around dragging this thing behind them, regardless of other people's ankles !!!

Anyway, enough of the moaning on a Monday LOL !!

I managed to buy glue and red tape (which is what I wanted), bought some duffle coat buttons (will reveal why soon !!), a "sweet poppy" stencil and paste, and a heart die (reduced from £9.99 to £3.80 !!) and lastly a knitting kit of a rabbit for £3.00.  As we had bought our tickets in advance, we were also given a goody bag, which contained various toppers for all happy with that.

Create and Craft were there filming.....but I managed to stay away from that area at all times !!

On to other news.....

My eldest drove down to ours for the first time at the weekend, and visited all the local relatives whilst he was nice not to have to take him home to Oxford. My youngest and his partner came for dinner on Sunday, and brought with them a rescue dog!! It's a springer spaniel....all black, only 10 months old.
Unfortunately, my dog, Rolo doesn't like black dogs and went for him.....We managed to separate them without any harm being done, but Rolo had to be banished to the Conservatory, whilst we ate dinner. 

Hopefully, in nicer weather we can all meet up in the park, and then Rolo won't be so defensive !!

Have a good week, and I'll see you again very soon. x

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Mum's Birthday......

Morning all, start of the weekend and today 2 things are happening. The first is that it's my mum's birthday today and she will be 81, and the second is that I am going to Sandown for the craft fair today.

This is the card that I made the other cards that I did at the beginning of the month, these are from Hunkydory.....with a few additional bits from my craft room.
The "mum" is a Phil Martin die in silver mirri card.

Not got a shopping list for today , except for getting glue......will have to see what I come back with LOL !!

Pop back soon to see !!


Tuesday, 23 January 2018

stitched Birthday cards

A Couple More Everyday Birthday Cards.....

 Morning all, a quick blog today....... I've made a couple more everyday birthday cards with stitching on.

 I'm determined to use up bits and bobs before buying anything else !!!
 I think this image was from "Making Cards" magazine.

 I've just added a sentiment on this one.....

Enjoy the rest of your day, and pop back soon x

Monday, 22 January 2018

Bow Boxes With Scented Candles......

 Morning all, I hope you are all well, happy and warm !! If you've got snow where you live I hope you're able to stay indoors. We have had sleet over the weekend here in Kent.
 I spent the weekend making these bow boxes. I designed them myself, and have used the off-cut from the aperture as the gift tag.
 I made the bows using the WRMK envelope board.
 and have either used a button or a gem in the centre of the bow.
I've then added 4 different scented tea lights in each box.

I need to buy some more bakers twine in different colours, as I only had pink. The photos are not very clear, as the weather was dismal when I took them and the light wasn't very good.

Enjoy your day. x

Sunday, 21 January 2018

2 Knitted Hats......

Morning all, hope your weekend is going great.

A quick blog today.......

I was asked to knit a hat for a man with a larger than normal head !!

It had to be at least 25 inches wide!

I made the grey one first as a template - and measured against my hubby's head......his head was smaller. It fitted with loads of room to stretch.
So then I knitted the black one (which was ordered). The customer was so pleased that she took both !!

I knitted these on a round needle and then changed to double pointed needles when I started decreasing. Quick and easy!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. x

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Love Hearts........

 Morning all, made a few bits for Valentine's day. These are heart shaped baubles with chocolate hearts inside, with a ribbon and heart attached.
Just a little gift for a loved one.
If they don't sell beloved husband will be eating chocolate hearts for weeks !!!! Mind you, I do love him .......aahh !!!

Friday, 19 January 2018

A Skating Owl This Time !!!.....

 Morning all, well here we are's Friday !!

Another stitched Christmas card. I found this stitched card and couldn't remember what I had planned to do with it (if I had planned at all !!) so whilst making yesterdays card, I came across this topper. The green skates were a perfect match to the green thread that I had used, and the blue sky ties in with the blue thread. So Job done !!
Must get back to other things over the next few watch this space and have a good weekend !! x

Thursday, 18 January 2018


 Morning all, a little late with the blog excuse....just got up late !! Since my son has left home, I don't get woken up when he gets up for I oversleep !!

Anyway, back to the blog. Another quick stitched card. Found these toppers among my stash (they are probably hunkydory). 
 A nice colour combination of lilac and aqua.
Another one ready for this Christmas LOL !!!

Bye for now xx

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

My Best Friends 55th .......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy. Today is my best friends 55th Birthday. We are the same age, and although my birthday isn't until May, we always go out in between the birthdays to celebrate. 

I really enjoyed making this card, although, as normal, it wasn't my first idea !!

I had it in mind to make the flowers using the white and gold. I made them first then did the centre part and then the layering in gold and white.

To me something was missing, but I couldn't think what. Then I was deciding which birthday die to cut out. I had this Elizabeth Crafts die, which I thought would be suitable. When I opened up the packaging for the die, I found a black one already cut out. So I just lay it onto the card to see for size.....then it hit me !! It needed the black to make the other colours stand out !! That's when I decided to do another layer of black card behind the others and add black gems to the flowers. 
Just like "magic" it all fitted into place - result !!

Do you have "eureka" moments too ??

Bye for now x

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Stitched in time for Christmas .....this year LOL !!

 Morning all, hope the weekend is going great so far. 

Well, it seems to have been a long time since I'd done stitching on cards. I was so busy last year knitting things that the stitching took a back seat. Going through my box I came across these two stitched pieces. I had to finish off the one above, and make both of them into cards. I had already chosen the toppers so it was just a matter of adding some layering card.
 I wasn't too sure about added a green layer.....but I think that it makes the central house stand out a bit more.
 This thread matched perfectly with the image of the snowmen family. I added a black layer to tie in with the snowman's hat.
 A close-up of the stitching in both cards.
I enjoyed going back to stitching and will do more this year.

See you again soon.x

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Easter Bunnies.....

 Morning all, weekend here....hooray..... !!

Been busy at my son's house (well keeping hubby company) doing his kitchen. Nearly finished, flooring to lay and dishwasher to connect next week.

I've made some Easter bunnies to sell at the craft fairs. Complete with a cadbury's cream egg inside.

I had this clear container which works perfectly to stand them up in. I will probably do more pastel colours as and when I get a moment.
The good thing is that they are quick to make and don't use a lot of wool !!

Enjoy your weekend. x

Friday, 12 January 2018

Oh Duckie!!!......

Morning all, Friday here at last !!. Seems to have been a long week to me....don't know if it's the same for you??

Been busy at my son's new home decorating and hubby fitting new kitchen worktops and appliances.

Had a bit of a sort out indoors too, beginning to get organised at long last !!

Still thinking ahead to my craft fairs. Easter on my mind at the moment. I have knitted this duck. The pattern is from "knittingbypost". I made it last year, but this time I have done different wings as I wasn't too keen on the original pattern ones.

She seems to have laid an egg already.....and it's gift wrapped LOL !!

Have a good weekend whatever you are up to. xx

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

2nd Craft Room / Storage Room....

 Morning all, I thought I would show you my new craft room / storage room. As you can see it's not a huge room. I've put in the table and bench that I use for my outdoor craft fairs. ( I can easily fold these down when needed). I've set up my sewing machine on the hopefully will be able to get down to doing something different. You can just see the embroidery stand at the edge............. and yes, I've still got to complete the reindeer cross stitch that is 2 years old now !!
You can see a couple of ottoman storage boxes in the corner. I've put all my stock that hadn't sold ie: halloween, Christmas, Mothers Day etc.....The plan is to get them out when ready and swap them over as and when needed.
This wall is where we originally knocked the two rooms into one. We've just re-instated it and decorated the wall. The other walls had a textured wallpaper in beige on before, so we just painted over in white. The computer chair is my son's when he can come over to collect it !! The bags on the bottom are my current craft fair stock, ready to go !!

I will post photos of the other spare room when finished.

Bye for now. x

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Using Up Stock ......

Morning all. 

The headline of this blog explains all !! If you're like me, you've got card making bits coming out of your ears LOL !! I've been buying and buying bits, but not actually using them.

When sorting out things on Sunday, it occurred to me, just how much money I've spent and probably wasted on craft products.

So I've decided to just "use" things without thinking "that's too nice to use" - how stupid is that??? My stock of everyday birthday cards were nearly depleted, so I thought I would sit down and make a few. Most of these are"hunkydory" products, with just a few other bits added on.

 I had obviously bought a pack of they all look similar.....
.....I can now get down to making cards for specific people now, safe in the knowledge that I've got a few "spare" JUST IN CASE LOL !!
Thanks for popping by, hope to see you again soon. xx

Monday, 8 January 2018

Back to Making Cards.....

 Morning all, the start of another week, I hope you are all well & happy !!

Well, it seems like I haven't made any cards for a long, long, time !! I've been doing so much knitting and crochet, that there just wasn't time to get involved in card making.

Spent most of yesterday sorting things out in my craft room and deciding what I want to put in the smaller of the spare rooms !!. When my youngest was at home we had knocked two bedrooms into one to give him a larger space.....but now he's gone the two rooms have been re-instated. The larger of the two will be the spare room. But the smaller one is now going to be my storage room- cum - second craft room. I'm such a lucky girl !!. Where I've been making things throughout the year for specific occasions for my craft fairs, I've built up a bit of stock. So the second craft room will now be used for storing things until I need them. That free's up space in my original craft room for me to actually sit and make things !!

On that note, here is a birthday card that I've made for my best friends, daughters birthday next week. 
 I really enjoyed just sitting and making cards. 
There will be more to show as the week progresses, so keep popping by. xx

Sunday, 7 January 2018

"Pretty Flamingo"......

Morning all, hope your weekend is going great so far.

Hubby been working really hard on the spare bedroom and is almost done. To be honest he only had to re-paint the walls and change one wall's wallpaper, as the furniture was all ok, and we bought a new spare bed for the room - but credit where credit's due he has worked hard.

Whilst I've been sitting around doing nothing LOL !! I've made a couple of flamingo keyrings. Again I've made these before. I did them in two different colours. I prefer the bright pink one, but hubby prefers the other one. 

What do you prefer ????

Bye for now. x

Saturday, 6 January 2018

More Crochet Owl Keyrings.....

 Morning all hope you are ready for the first weekend in January !! 

A quick blog today.....over the Christmas period I made some more crochet owl keyrings as they always sell well at my craft fairs.
My favourite one out of the set.

Re-decorating what was my son's bedroom now - to become the spare room.
Must keep hubby busy !!!!

Friday, 5 January 2018

Crochet Elephant......

Morning all, well I've started making random things !! This crochet elephant was the first crochet toy that I had ever made. I've looked through my files to see if I could find the original toy (as I've sold him) but can't find it. I did that one in pale green. This one is in aqua. 

The original pattern I first saw in a magazine called "The People's Friend". It has since been republished in "Womans Weekly Knitting and Crochet" magazine, where I saw it again.
He is such a cute looking elephant. 

Have spent the week at my son's house decorating, but now back home to catch up on housework - even when we are not in , the house gets does that happen ??? LOL !!

See you soon. x