Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Using Up Stock ......

Morning all. 

The headline of this blog explains all !! If you're like me, you've got card making bits coming out of your ears LOL !! I've been buying and buying bits, but not actually using them.

When sorting out things on Sunday, it occurred to me, just how much money I've spent and probably wasted on craft products.

So I've decided to just "use" things without thinking "that's too nice to use" - how stupid is that??? My stock of everyday birthday cards were nearly depleted, so I thought I would sit down and make a few. Most of these are"hunkydory" products, with just a few other bits added on.

 I had obviously bought a pack of they all look similar.....
.....I can now get down to making cards for specific people now, safe in the knowledge that I've got a few "spare" JUST IN CASE LOL !!
Thanks for popping by, hope to see you again soon. xx


  1. They are gorgeous, I do enjoy using HD once I get started with them. xxx

  2. These are very pretty and good to have a few cards just in case.
    Best wishes Valx

  3. Hi Jan probably like many others when I first came across a shopping channel and was introduced to Hunkydory I probably bought every single kit going as they came to air infrequently but gradually there were more and more till I got to the point of saying enough is enough!! I still have enough to stock a shop so last years intention was to do a kit a month but I failed miserably. So I'll start again this year to get some more done - when I get some time!! So, happy cardmaking! As Wendy says it is very relaxing once you get going. Best wishes Jackie x

  4. Hi Jan
    Fabulous pretty cards... yes I am the same as you... I can't believe how much stash I have... it's frightening... I am so addicted to buying
    Hugs Sylvie x

  5. Hi Jan,
    you can't beat a HD card for their designs are always brilliant to use.
    I don't buy many of their kits as I always have so much left over when I do.
    But you can't beat them if you need a card in a hurry can you.
    Love your wonderful design of these.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.