Monday, 5 February 2018

A Valentine's Gift Box ........

 Morning all, hope your weekend was a good one !!

I spent most of it doing housework.......and a little bit of crafting !!!

I made these valentine gift boxes on Saturday evening.

I bought this die from Ali Express. It cost me about £2.00 and consists of the frame for the boxes, 4 different panel pieces and 4 matching triangular panels.

I only used the panel on the front and back of the box. The gift-tags were in my free goody bag that I got when I went to Sandown last weekend.

I've filled them with 8 heart shaped chocolates, wrapped in tissue paper.

I'm doing a craft fair this morning, so I'm hoping they sell well today !

The say that things comes in threes, and it has proven true last week. On Wednesday, we were watching a film on TV from netflix, when we noticed there were lines going across the top of the screen. We thought that maybe it was the film, and continued watching. Next morning the lines were still there and getting worse !! So We had to buy a new TV. My paper shredder had begun to struggle to shred the papers and kept stopping, so that was the second purchase. Then to cap it off, on Thursday my hubby and I were going to Epsom to look at a new van for him. I put the sat nav on and we went. When we got there, there were no vans in sight only cars. We went into the sales office where they told us their other office was "just down the road" in Cheam. I got the postcode, we went back to the car, I turned the sat nav on - Nothing !!, no screen, it wouldn't turn on either!! Couldn't believe out luck. Luckily, we had our mobiles so my hubby was able to direct me to the Cheam, and then home.  So now I need to buy a Sat Nav !!! Oh well, I hope that's the last thing !!

Has that ever happened to you? 

Let me know, and I'll send a prize to the most amusing story ......comments by Friday please xxx


  1. Hi Janice your boxes are stunning. That was a bargain die. I hope that is the end to things needing to be replaced for a while. Have a great week. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Hi Jan,
    beautiful boxes and wasn't that die a bargain.

    Now you won't believe how jinxed our life is with electrical things.
    We never buy anything that doesn't go wrong and have to go back.
    Hubby has had 3 faulty TVs 4th was fine.
    Kettles well I won't go there.
    Coffee machines on my 4th.
    Every single thing we buy goes wrong.
    We even picked up a vacum cleaner for our Daughter and blow me down that went wrong for her too so we feel we passed it on.
    Sandwich toaster also have gone wrong.
    Now I have a Hotpoint washing machine I have had for 12 years now and I do want that to go wrong, but will it no way hosay.LOL.
    I think there are more items that I can't remember too.
    My Daughter can't believe how it always happens to us.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Hi Jan

    Love your gift boxes and I agree with my teamies, what a bargain!

    I'm sure they will have all sold at the craft fair

    Poor Jenny is very unlucky with her electrical items isn't she?

    Happy crafting....

    June :)

  4. What a super die Jan the boxes are lovely. Think Jenny is way out there for bad luck so sending her some happy vibes!! Best wishes Jackie x