Friday, 2 March 2018

Brrrr....It's Cold Outside !!!.....

 Morning all, hope you are nice and warm indoors !! 

Rolo, my border terrier, loves the snow, and tries to eat it as we walk along kicking it up with our feet !!
He managed to get a snowy beard too !!

My eldest was home for a few days, to celebrate his birthday. We went to the O2 in London on Monday, which was fine, although the trains were a bit delayed, we travelled there and back ok. Had a good time in the exhibition (DC Comics) and had something to eat afterwards. On Tuesday, we were meant to be going to my other son for dinner, but as he lives in Maidstone and had had bad snow, we cancelled. Yesterday my eldest drove back to Oxford, and I was a nervous wreck thinking about him, until he rang to say he was safely home !!

My shoulder is healing nicely, and have a lot more movement now and nearly no pain at all, unless I move it into a position that it doesn't want to go in yet !!. Thanks for all your get well messages.

Something, I could manage to do, was to make these Christmas decorations. I bought the kit at Excel last year, with the intention of making them and selling before Christmas, but was too busy and didn't do them in time. I was glad that I hadn't, as it gave me something to concentrate on, whilst resting my arm and shoulder.
 Quite easy to do, and there were quite a few left over pieces. Later on, when I can move boxes about, I'm going to get my box of beads out, and see if I can make some more in different colours.

Onto something different now. I have mentioned that I bought some dies from Ali-express. Here is a selection of layering dies that I bought. Each one has a stitching detail on. The largest circle is about 3.75 inches across the diameter, and the overs, as you can see, are of a similar size. I paid less than £2 per set, and there was free postage too. Well worth having a look, of you don't mind waiting for the "slow boat from China" to arrive. Jackie asked about the set up, as it shows american dollars instead of GB pounds. If you go into the top bar it says "ship to" with a flag alongside. Just choose union jack and the currency should change to sterling, or you might have to select the currency separately.  
 I find these ideal for my stitching projects. There are absolutely loads and loads. Just key in "metal cutting dies" in the search engine on Ali-express site.
Should have been doing a craft fair this morning at the local country market, but it's been cancelled, due to the weather. Pleased because my hubby would have had to take me and carry boxes in etc. Got another one booked for Sunday, but haven't heard yet whether that one is still on !!

Hope you have a good weekend and that the snow soon goes !! x 


  1. Hi Jan well you can guess what I shall be doing over the weekend. Well I had thought of going to the quilt show at Duxford so looking at Ali Express will be cheaper!! Glad your shoulder is feeling a bit better ironically and perhaps because of the cold my arm seems to have less movement. Hey ho getting old is no joke now!! Have a good weekend Jackie x

  2. Hi Jan those stars are stunning. I am pleased that you are starting to feel better. My husband is working at home today it took him two and half hours to get back last night. Stay safe and warm. Hugs Jackie

  3. Hi Jan, just LOVE the photo of your dog. Snow is something my little dog has never experienced.
    Your red stars are so pretty and great to see you're back well enough to make some things.
    I think the dies from China are great. So cheap and such good quality. Obviously the packaging we paying for from the big companies.
    Keep safe there. Valx

  4. Hi Janice
    Awww, Rolo looks so cute. Our kittens haven't been out yet but we bought some snow in for them and they loved licking and eating it lol!!!
    Glad the shoulder is improving. I trapped a nerve in my neck a couple of days ago and its been bloomin painful.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x