Sunday, 27 May 2018


 Morning all, hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.

I bought a knitting/crochet magazine, and inside was the pattern to make this elephant. The picture in the magazine looked so cute, that I couldn't wait to knit him.
The body and legs were knitted in one piece. When it came to sewing him up, I read that you had to go on-line to see the instructions!!!!! Good job I do have a computer and do things on-line, otherwise I would have been well & truly annoyed. Anyway I went on line, only to see 4 photos with no written instructions. Not what I would call helpful !! 

This is the result.......needless to say, I wont be knitting another one!!
I think magazines are quite expensive these days, and should give clear and precise instructions on all their patterns that they print in the magazine.Not everyone has a computer and is able to go online. If that's the way forward then a lot of people (me included) will not be buying these magazines.......

I might even email the magazine company and complain !!

Rant over. Sorry xxx


  1. Hi Janice this elephant is so cute. I am sorry you had so much trouble with the instructions they really should have been in the magazine. I hope you had a great day. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. I can understand your disappointment about this and I think you should write and comment to the company. Folk often buy a magazine to take on holiday and this would have been useless to suddenly find you need a computer. Too many young folk nowadays are in charge and think everyone has all the gizmos and gadgets on the market. My rant over!! have a good weekend, Jackie x

  3. Oh so cute Jan. I'd definitely write to the magazine. As you said, the magazines are expensive and not everyone has a computer. Valx

  4. I would complain to them Jan, still cute though, xxx